Friday, June 30, 2006

Is There Such a Thing As Paradise?

"Paradise"....'para-dice'...meaning from Lee's Aussie Leesaurus...a sacred dream of perfection.

A place in which no ticks that love to bury their heads in tender areas of my body, dwell. Where no flies, midges, sandflies and flies dare enter.

A place wherein when one says he/she is going to do something, he/she does it. A place where expectations are met. Where love outweighs hate...where tenderness replaces violence...where empathy replaces apathy. A place where respect of each other is mutual. Where cowards do not exist. Where consideration of the feelings of another is of most importantce

Where corruption and deceit are non-existent. Where lies are unknown. Where belief in one's self is allowed to grow and be. A place where respect for each other is a given. Where greedy selfishness is replaced by the true meaning of 'selfishness'. Where no falsehood is allowed. A place where prejudices and assumptions are banned. Where the only games are played in the sports/games arenas. Paradise is where hidden agendas are non-existent.

Where murder, rape, war, abuse, poverty are unknown.

Paradise is where the battle for life, the battle to exist, do not exist.

Paradise be live in a democratic be an individual. Where one has the right to live as an individual.

Paradise is to be able to listen, to appreciate what the other is saying, thinking or feeling.

Paradise is not to be dictated to or dictate to....

To keep one's true perceive reality...where knowledge is gained by fact and not pretention.

Where human life is valued most highly.

Where self-esteem is valued most highly. Where ego is understood.

Where truth is.

Where precious means...precious...and having the ability to recognise it. Where being intelligent is accepted. Where intelligence is recognising stupidity.

Paradise is meeting your soul mate and being able to face the recognition. Paradise is not being frightened of opening yourself to that person. Paradise is not being afraid.

Paradise is to laugh, openly and loudly...not at another, but with another.

Paradise is to remember the past use the best of it and be able to toss away the debris. Paradise is to cherish the present and be excited about the future.

Where the impotent have no place...where the concept of 'right' is clear. Where mediocrity has no place. Where morality is not juggled. Where standards are high.

Where the Broncos win...and the Maroons win the 'State of Origin'!

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  1. Well, as for the no insect theme, there's supposed to be a really remote island in the Pacific that has none!

    As for the rest, erh, a wee bit trickier... Starting at home would be the ideal, but I keep hearing someone shouting at my kids, and the voice bears an uncanny resemblance to mine...