Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Enough Is Never Enough...Never Fear...There's Always More To Come!

Don't you just get so fed-up sometimes you want to scream...beat your head against a solid wall. (It doesn't have to be made out of long as it's harder than your head!). Sally Bowles got it right in 'Cabaret'. When life got her down...she used to go to the train line and scream her lungs out as the train rattled by. No one heard her, so she upset no one but, in doing so, she released her pent-up emotions/frustrations after which she was ready to face life again until the next time things built up so. A release is necessary. Unfortunately, not everyone lives near a brick wall and train line!

Truth or Dare?
Is the truth going to be told regarding the Lucas Heights' leak....I wonder? How much is "a small amount" of radioactive gas? How long is a piece of string? The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation declare there were no "off-site consequences". The same was said that about Maralinga, too, I think!

A Whale of a Time!
Whale-watching season is upon us once more, so it's time to do battle with the Japanese again. The Coral Sea/Tasman Sea/Southern Ocean Battles re-ignite as the Japanese thumb their collective noses at the Australian anti-whaling groups, of which there are many. The Japanese continued arrogance over this matter, is disturbing and very annoying. Even if it's displayed in a quiet, polite manner, it fools no one! Why are they so determined to kill whales? They say it is their tradition and culture...but this is incorrect. Gen. Douglas MacArthur introduced whale meat into their diets after World War ll to supplement their protein intake. If percentages mean anything...the percentage of Japanese people who eat whale meat is minimal. It's reported 86% have never or only very rarely ever eaten it (and then only as children in school-provided lunches!). Personally, I believe the Japanese so-called 'tradition and culture' is used as an excuse for their persistent desire to slaughter whales. The real truth of their 'tradition and culture' is not to lose face over this issue!

Top Tasting!
A 34-year old man has been arrested over the Top Taste tampering. I think fitting punishment for him would be restocking all supermarket shelves, everywhere, within seven days...and for morning, afternoon teas and supper, he should be given Top Taste products to eat. (Those that were removed from the shelves at the time of the scare).

I could go on about other things that are really getting up my nose at the moment...but I won't for now...I've run out of time and bytes!

Go the Maroons! Great game last night. The Maroons restored pride to the side and to Queensland! They barely put a foot wrong! Their effort last night should shut-up the critics for a couple of weeks! Bring on the final game in Melbourne in three weeks...I can hardly wait! The result last night...a 24 point definitely something to scream about...but not for similar reasons as I've pointed out above!

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