Thursday, June 22, 2006

Good Onya, Mate!

By the end of the World Cup, I'm going to be exhausted! I've never watched soccer before, other than bits and pieces on the news but I'm now converted and have turned into a screaming mess! If the Socceroos keep going through the way they have so far, I'll be voiceless by the end of the Cup! What a fast, exciting game it is. I now understand why the fans, worldwide, go crazy over the game.

The US coach, Bruce Arena should now eat his words after his team's performance this the commencement of the World Cup he reckoned the Aussies shouldn't be in it as they were the weakest team! Well, Mr Arena...what happened to your team this morning? I see Ghana won!

These early mornings and late nights won't be the death of me! I can do it! As long as the 'Roos are in the running, I'm there with them! I even joined my neighbours after this morning's game and we celebrated over a glass each of Coruba...who cares if it's still early morning? Not I!

Go Aussies! Three Cheers for the Socceroos!

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