Thursday, June 01, 2006

To Dance a Jig and Twirl a Reel.....

With the chill of winter snapping at my toes, I woke early to ready myself for a trip to the Gold Coast. Leaving my car at the home of friends, we jumped into their car and headed off the mountain towards the hectic pace of the coast traffic. A fun morning was spent wishful thinking in interior decorating emporiums. I held my hands clasped tightly in my pockets and off my wallet as we browsed kitchen shops! As usual, my wallet was almost empty so I could only dream on what I'd like to spend my fantasy dollars! I did, however, purchase some parfait spoons and a mini-whisk, so I left somewhat contented but the dreaming lingers longer. On the return trip, as is our wont, we visited a large supermarket. We have a mutual love of all things delectable, tasty and appetizing. Happy to be back up on the Mountain away from the frenzy of the coast, we shared a glass or two of wine over lunch. Our discussion turned to a book I've lent my friends..."A Celtic Childhood" by Bill Watkins. After I'd read the book I was so enthused about it, I did an Internet check on the author. At the time, I decided to write an email to him showing my enthusiasm over his writing. It is a wonderfully, rollicking read. I found myself smiling throughout, frequently laughing out loud at his tales. Imagine my surprise when I received a prompt reply from the author! I'd not expected a reply. Since that time we've exchanged a few emails. He now resides in the States, living a full and interesting life. "A Celtic Childhood" is first of a trilogy by Bill Watkins. Second in the trilogy is "Scotland Is Not for the Squeamish", which is also a worthy read. I'm now eagerly awaiting his third book, "Once And Future Celt" which is still in the hands of Harper Collins awaiting their assessment and publishing. I wish they'd hurry up!

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  1. I am now well into "The Once and Future celt" after reading the forst two. i read the second one in April may last year (picked it up from a hospital book sale) I think it saved my sanity. My husband was at that time dying in ICu at Royal North Shore hospital, after they totally botched his treatment and killed him. The dying sadly for him took five weeks of absolute suffering, but sometimes during that time I'd pullout that book and read him bits, and through the ventilator, and all the crap he'd start laughing fit to burst...The pair of us are both celtic background and the funny bits, not everyone's cup of tea but just for those times the world seemed sane again. You said you sent him an email. Di you have his email because I think i would like to let him know just what his book and now books meant to us and now to me.