Monday, July 03, 2006

Big Brother Beattie's Lost The Plot!

The latest debacle over the inane, brain-numbing and dumbing 'Big Brother' television show should bring this show to its long-awaited and desired demise. It should be dead and buried, never to be resurrected. However, our illustrious 'white knight', 'man of steel', 'knight in shining armour', 'the pride of all dentists, the world over', Peter Beattie uttered more memorable words yesterday...words that should be engraved in his political tombstone! (Along with those utterances issued forth from his gleaming teeth-framed mouth about the engineers and geologists damning reports over the Traveston Dam travesty...quote: "I don't believe them" End quote!)

Mr Beattie stated the State Government would continue subsidising 'Big Brother'..(it's nice to know where our taxes go, isn't it?). Beattie thinks it's nice to create local television production jobs. Well, Mr Beattie there must be better shows to about subsidising not only the production jobs...but the writers, animators, graphic artists, actors, directors, goffers, editors et al, to enable them to produce shows worth watching and worthy of our time, not brain-dead rot like 'Big Brother'! Please...don't insult me, Mr Beattie.

Beattie went on to say, quote "If you destroy television production in Australia...then all we do is import American crap." Great stuff, Mr Beattie! Unbelievable that these words came out of his mouth...or is it?

If Beattie is proud of crap like 'Big Brother', then it really makes his stance on building dams believable, doesn't it? (Excuse me while I remove my tongue from my cheek!)

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