Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hey! True Blue!

I wonder just how many 'true blue' Aussies are trying to escape Lebanon back to Australian soil? Or are the majority of these so-called 'Australians' holders of dual citizenship? And when they return here, will they then recommence to rail against Australian culture? Our government is spending a reported $25m for their safe return to this country. One would hope that they will be grateful and, perhaps, choose to accept the culture and ways of Australia, a democracy that has proven it works. Perhaps they will reconsider and choose one nationality, that of Australian. Those who do not, should return to Lebanon, where, apparently, their allegiance lies. (After they've paid back what it cost our government/the taxpayer to get them here on this instance.)

Australians are noted for their fairness. The line has to be drawn on this. We've been more than fair, I believe.

One can't have one's cake and eat it's either one thing or the other...not both!

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