Monday, July 31, 2006

Some Daughters Do 'Ave 'Em! Some Mothers Don't Deserve 'Em?

I watched with disgust, sadness and anger the segment of Sunday evening's "Sixty Minutes"...."Sweet Revenge". The story from the US was of the molestation of Celesta Davis when she was a five year-old, by a close family friend. This so-called 'friend' also molested her sister. The mother of the then young children discovered what had happened to her daughters by overhearing their conversation one day. At the time, the mother didn't confront the monster who perpetrated the atrocities as their friendship, it appeared, was of higher importance than that of the welfare of her two daughters! It beggars belief!

Thirty years on, Celesta, after hearing the news that the son of this creature was jailed for child molestation (like father, like son!) hunted the father down, found him and finally had an audience with him, confronting him with his diabolical actions. This man, remember, was their closest family friend. He was full of excuses, of course. He didn't once apologise for his actions. He just stuttered and stammered like the worm he is! The mother of the young women then joined in the 'meeting'. At the end of their 'meeting'.....wait for it....the mother rose and went to the creature who had molested her girls and hugged him...for minutes!!!!!!!! My mouth fell open. I could not believe what I was seeing! The mother HUGGED him!!! I wanted to jump through my television screen...I was, and still am, so angry at that mother...for her non-action at the time of discovering the sexual molestation had occurred and for her actions towards this....there's not a word suitable to describe him....(despicable, slimy bastard will do for now)....after the confrontation.

The 'mother' doesn't deserve daughters/children. The best thing those two young women can do, in my opinion, is say 'bye! bye! Mum!'

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