Monday, July 24, 2006

So Be It!

Here I sit alone though I don't wonder why
In silence and in the darkness I do often sigh
Over tormented thoughts of love lost I do cry
Oh! No! It's not because you were ever my guy
To you, my dear, I happily say a loud "good bye"

From my heartache I learned what it is you lack
Your cold heart is why I don't ever want you back
I'd be pleasured greatly to give your face a smack
It would please me endlessly to see you taken aback
So it's with sincere conviction I say, 'Screw you Jack!'



  1. ooh what a lovely poem, i hope my wife doesn't start writing stuff like that! thank-you for your sumptous review of my website, you can share my trifle anytime x

  2. lol Glad you liked it, adamantixx...even if your tongue might have been up your cheek! ;)

    Keep up the good work with those trifles!