Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Quest

Throughout the years wide and afar
Trekking life's meandering highway
Defying the ebb and stemming the flow
Beating the hurdles conquering the brae
Wistfully she searched high sought low
For him...her Lochinvar

Succumbing she wished upon a star
To find emptiness heartache and pain
In giving her heart a problem arose
Their love for her so often they did feign
How badly she hurt nobody knows
In her quest for Lochinvar

Exploring on and on it was bizarre
If victorious what then would she do
A life complete with happiness and bliss
Or with tear-filled eyes bidding him adieu
A doleful smile a lingering farewell kiss
Perhaps instead she'd pickle him in a jar
Her Lochinvar.

Lee 31/7/06

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