Monday, July 10, 2006

So What!
A showdown looms between Peter Costello and John Howard as they question each other's truthfulness, imploding one of Australia's most effective political partnerships. The Treasurer accoused the Prime Minister of lying yesterday when he gave his version of a 1994 leadership meeting witnessed by form minister Ian McLachlan.'

I have no idea what all the commotion is about! John Howard changed his what? John Howard said one thing to Peter Costello back in 1994 and didn't go through with what he said he was going to do.

Hell! That happens to me all the time and has done so throughout my life! People saying they're going to do one thing and either do the other or do nothing at all! People are always saying they're going to do one thing and then proceed to either forget they've said it or have had no intentions ever of doing what they said they were going to do in the first place, what's the big deal? If I'd held my breath waiting for the things people have said they're going to do to come into fruition, I'd be long gone from this earth by now!

The press media, once again, is pouncing all over this to help fill their blank pages! Prime Minister Howard can stay as long as he likes as leader as far as I'm concerned. Peter Costello is acting like a spoiled little boy who didn't receive his share of the candy! He, Costello, should come and visit with me for a while...I could advise him on how to cope with broken promises! Throwing a hissy-fit, two-year-old tantrum doesn't really suit a grown man who's hoping to take over the leadership of the Liberal Party here in this country!,5942,19750450,0...

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