Thursday, July 20, 2006

Strike Me Lucky! Strike Me Pink!

I've just learned a good friend of mine has found herself a man! Whether he be a brief dalliance or a long-term playmate/companion, I wish her well, either way.

I wonder where one looks to find a man!! I never seem to be able to find one but then, I really don't go looking for one (or more!) either! There are so few or none around that interest me. Mostly, the ones I come across seem too involved with themselves and their own egos to be bothered wasting my time over...what's new?

Wherefore art thou, Romeo? Ummm...that didn't work!


  1. I am here, in a fairy tale where dreams wash road dust and neighbor gives hand of love.
    There no one looks for a friend because the awful word "a stranger" doesn’t exist in art canvases that enlighten our way towards the heaven and helps to recognize the sunbeam of the eternities at the present moment... we cant to do one and only thing: we cant live alone

  2. Lovely comment, Tomas...thank you. I love fairy tales as they always have a happy ending!