Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Not So Cruisey...

Maybe it's just me, but I've never understood the desire to go on a cruise. To me, it would be the most boring, confined and claustrophobic holiday ever. Cooped up in matchbox-size cabins, sharing with people you don't know unless, of course, one can afford to pay more, doesn't appeal to me whatsoever. Even going on such a holiday with a partner wouldn't be an enticement for me. If it was imperative for him to go, I would be on the wharf waving him 'bon voyage'!

Being stuck with a mob of 'yobbos' or totally mis-matched fellow cruisers, is not my idea of a relaxing holiday.

After the broad and graphic publicity of the Dianne Brimble case, I'm sure there are others who are re-thinking going on a cruise. The lack of responsibility shown by the cruise ship operators has to be addressed and addressed promptly, not just here in Australian waters but internationally.

Yep...I'll stick to 'terra firma' for my holidays, thank you. I'd rather be cuddled up in a cosy cabin up on a mountain with a glowing log fire in the arms of a loved one, with the sound of birds singing gleefully in the trees outside or in an apartment/house on the beachfront..not on a floating prison upon the ocean.

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