Monday, May 29, 2006

Stepping Outside One's Comfort Zone

It's easy to become complacent, satisfied and comfortable in one's own environment chosen to suit one's own needs and desires. Last night I attended a dinner party with people I barely knew. It was held in the home of the hostest. Four other guests were in attendance, one of whom I'd never met before last evening.. I made up the fifth in the party. The invitation was extended to me last week. To be honest with you, I felt a little trapped after I'd accepted but I knew I had to go through with it. So in the days leading up to yesterday, I'd worked myself into a bit of a lather not really wanting to go. I had no 'out'. I decided to 'grin and bear it', so to speak. I didn't know the people well at all and wondered at my invitation. Promptly at 6pm, I was picked up in style in a new Audi...I began to drool! Oh! Yes...Audis are glorious! When my golden goose lays its golden egg, I'm going to spoil myself and purchase one! No...not a Audi! I do digress....

Taking a deep breath, I prepared myself for what lay ahead. Stepping out of my 'comfort zone' and the Audi into a 'foreign' living room, I was warmly greeted. As the five of us gathered around the fireplace, champagne or scotch in hand (some of the best of both...Moet and Laphroaig), canapes at the fore, the conversation and laughter began to flow freely and immediately. I began to relax, shrugging off my shyness and 'going with the flow'. I suddenly felt at ease and comfortable in the company of virtual strangers. In a little while, we were ushered to a beautifully set dinner table with candles in the centre and classical music playing gently in the background. There the conversation and laughter continued over a delicious meal. The evening was a success.

Arriving back to my home, my sanctuary, I wondered why I'd been uptight about venturing out for an evening with the 'unknown'. It had proven to be so pleasant. I've spent my working life amongst the public, being gregarious, lively and full of's so easy to revert back into one's shell...sometimes we, or me, in particular, need that 'push' to step outside the 'circle of comfort'. Meeting new people, sharing new views (and sometimes similar views) is all part of life. It should be embraced...I must learn to embrace it more often.

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