Sunday, May 14, 2006

Don't I know you from somewhere? You're a long way from home!"

I didn't name this site "Kitchen Connection" for its connection to food, only.

The kitchen, I believe, is the main hub of the home. It's the room where many major decisions are discussed, accepted or thrown out. It's where family and friends gather to spin their yarns, to tell their tales of the day's/week's events. It's a room where advice on life and living is sought and given. It's a 'learning room'. The lessons learned go with you for the rest of your life, opening up an inquisitive mind to seek more knowledge, not only about cooking, but about living. It's the heart of the home, no matter how humble or grand that home may be.

I never cease to be amazed when looking at plans or pictures of new, expansive/expensive homes to see that little thought or planning has been put into the kitchen. I suppose it's a reflection on today's society. I know if I was building a new home, I would plan the home around the kitchen!! (And I would definitely have a large walk-in pantry! And, not 'perhaps'...I would have a small cold room!) It always appears to me the architects completely forget the kitchens...they're appear to be an 'after-thought'. "Oh! We forgot the kitchen!" All 'outside show' and no care or attention to the inner soul of the home.

Years ago when living at Noosa, an architect friend of mine built a new, upmarket home for he and his wife...and that's exactly what happened! He forgot about the kitchen! I'll never forget attending the 'house-warming' party and being completely 'gob-smacked' when I saw the postage stamp-sized kitchen with the laundry squeezed in beside it (he'd forgotten about it, too!) I should have excused him, I guess as he forgot a dinner engagement one evening. When I rang him he had just finished eating his dinner (this I discovered later) and he hurriedly arrived at my place to then proceed, very politely, to eat another meal! His wife was away in Adelaide at the time and I felt sorry for him so had invited him for a home-cooked meal. He had two that night! Flustered, he did, however, arrive clutching a bottle Chivas Regal which we enjoyed! His wife wasn't too pleased when she arrived back from Adelaide to find her bottle of CR had evaporated! It had been a special gift to her! I was not to know that! Anyway, a few months later she ran off with the guy who'd originally given her the Chivas I kinda figured 'what goes 'round, comes 'round!'

Well, a new week had I must become motivated...I have work to do! I put it off all last week but now I have no more excuses to offer!


  1. Hello there, I will see if I can get a comment to you this time. Interesting reading - it appears to be a great opportunity to have a say on stuff you're interested in.

  2. Have mastered it. Looks like you got that comment. It's me did you know?

  3. Nice to see you suebells...I hope you become a intention is to try to make my site enticing enough to stir the interest of interesting people so they will be interested in posting their interesting input and imput!!!

  4. Anyone as old as him should not wear shorts in public.

    In private, he should not have any visitors while wearing them.

  5. When you really think about them, knees are pretty funny looking objects!

    There are lots of body parts that should remain hidden after a certain age (some earlier than others!) and only for private viewing...and only then at well-chosen times and persons!!