Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday, glorious Sunday. I've not seen nor spoken to another human being. (No complaint from me...I love it!) I've spoken to my cats who've kept me company all day, snuggled up inside my cabin with me. I've spent the day reading, catching up on a couple of tv shows I'd taped...'Cracker' and 'Tipping the Velvet'. Left-overs were the menu of the day, together with grapes, a mandarin or two in the morning. I love spending my Sundays as I've done today. (All I need is my 'knight in shining armour' to find me and share it with me!). I know the day was busy outside as the once-a-month markets were on across the way. I could hear the cars of the madding crowds...crowds I was more than content to stay away from!

My mellow mood was shattered for a short while today, however. The printer loaned to me for a few weeks by a friend while he and his wife are overseas refused to print! (And still is on strike at this moment!) I'm glad I don't have a sledge hammer at such times as I'm very tempted to use it! I have no idea why it won't do the job it's built to do but it refuses to obey my commands! I'm not going to let it get the better of the words of Scarlett O'Hara...'Tomorrow is another day!' I'll consider whether it deserves my patience...or it's going to try my patience and I'll be in search of the sledge hammer! Naturally, the printer will be reprieved as it doesn't belong to me!! It doesn't know how lucky it is!

I wonder if the government is ever going to get its act together and fix the health department? I'm sure I'm not alone being mystified at their lack of action...sure, there's lots of talk but no concrete action is being taken...Beattie flew at taxpayers expenses to try to recruit overseas doctors...but it's a bit like locking the gate after the horse has bolted.

I'm forever gob-smacked by decisions (or non-decisions!) made by politicians...Bjelke Peterson was laughed at during his reign (no pun intended) for wanting to direct water from the a tropical north (and the gulf) during the heavy rains of the monsoon season. If he'd been give the go-ahead to do this back then, none of the water problems now being experienced in south-east Queensland would exist. Take the wet season up north this year as a perfect example. Politicians are too busy taking care of their over-inflated egos and their power plays to do the job we, the voters, voted them in to do. Promises made but never fulfilled...a familiar tune, isn't it?

You're not going to believe this...the printer, hours after I tried to get it to print, has decided to do the job allocated!! Perhaps it read what I wrote about and has an ingrained fear of sledge hammers!!

By the way...I know all our thoughts have been with little Sophie Delizio since the shocking news was aired about her horrific, unbelievable accident. The sweet little angel has gone through so much in her short life. She's such a beautiful little girl and her fighting spirit is awesome and inspiring. If you wish to send her thoughts and wishes for her speedy recovery, look at this She will come through this...this little girl who has stolen all our hearts.

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