Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Food for Thought:

I read an article in one of the weekend papers with the headline "Home Dinner Parties Have Run Their Course".
Not with me, they haven't. I much prefer home entertaining than going out to dine. Planning a dinner party, luncheon or party is fun. I usually start way ahead of the date of the planned event, making notes, choosing the format and menu. After many years working in the hospitality industry in one form or the other...working long, long hours and sometimes 24/7, I enjoy being at home. I feel relaxed within my own confines. Conversations flow more freely and openly. Plus it's fun serving the food I've prepared. To see satisfied guests gives me pleasure. Now, if only I could find a perfect solution to the cleaning up afterwards! I never do it when guests are present...I hate that...I'd rather do it myself, by myself.

Maybe the reason for the swing to dining out more is the younger women of today are unable to cook! It's a paradox...both parties work to enable them to buy or build fancy new homes with kitchens displaying every modern appliance available, indoor and outdoor entertainment areas with fancy stainless steel barbecues which rarely get used. I guess 'displaying' is the operable word here. "Keeping up with the Jones'" can be an expensive game. The kitchen is the heart of the home...I'm wondering if many homes have hearts these days or are they just 'stop-off' places to catch a few hours sleep between racing off to work and arriving back home exhausted.

I'm really hoping there are still some grandmothers out there who enjoy passing down to their grandchildren the art of home cooking...or are the grandmothers off being part of the 'Grey Brigade' flitting around the country in their mobile homes! Ummm...that's not a bad idea!

So...yes...I do prefer dining at home. Plus expecting guests is a good motivator to get the housework done and the house in order! Although, I must admit, it always looks like cyclone's been through it after the event!

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