Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm a bit late posting this morning...other things have taken up my time since I arose. I was woken early by Remy, my male cat, who likes to land heavily upon me as I sleep (or as I pretend to be). I try to ignore him as long as I can but when I don't respond to his efforts to get me out of bed, he plonks his heavy black and white self upon me and there he lies with his face about two inches from mine! He makes it's impossible to ignore him! And, I love him for it! He's better than any alarm clock, but I'm not sure if he's cheaper! I'm going to send both he and his sister out to work, soon!! It's time they contributed to the family coffers! I'm not sure about what hours they will work, they do spend the majority of their time sleeping! Maybe they could get a job testing the comfort values of mattresses!

Illegal Poachers Make Themselves At Home: What's new? In the late eighties I went up to Karumba. 'Illegals' were squatting in amongst the mangrove areas where they'd set up their camps. They fished our waters illegally. The government was aware of it and did nothing. The front page of the Sunday Mail featured the story...but nothing eventuated from was thrown away into the 'too hard basket'!

So today in 'The Australian', the story reappears...recycled! All talk and no action! We have a vast coastline and not the manpower to maintain, control and guard it. Were any allowance made for this in the latest budget? I think not.

It's time to get serious about's past time! Way past time!

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