Friday, May 26, 2006

I Can't Take My Eyes Off You!

World Cup fever has hit hard and heavy, it would seem, though I'm not affected by it in the least. Soccer does little for me but not so the thousands and thousands (millions!) of fans throughout the world. In Germany, these contact lenses are for sale to fans whose heroes kick and chase that little round black and white ball all over the paddock! I will, of course, be cheering the Socceroos on to victory...being a true blue Aussie...I like to see us win in all events in which we partake! I cried tears of maroon on Wednesday night when Qld went down by one point...well, two really...if you want to be pedantic! All is not lost...there are still two games to go in the series! I'll have to put in more training, I think, because I was exhausted the day after Wednesday's game!

Now on to things of a more fun, social nature. RSVP are having a party night at the 'Pig 'n Whistle' in Indooroopilly for the 'baby boomers'...anyone 40 years and over are invited to attend. It's on 1st July and starts around 7.30pm. $8.00 entrance fee before 8.30pm and $10.00 thereafter. I should gather together some of my single mates, one of whom is a member of RSVP online dating...she's been wanting me to join for ages but I've shied away from doing so, being the 'shy' person that I am! It sounds like it could be a fun night, though. It might be time to don my 'glad rags' and head to the city for a night of debauchery! Did I say that?

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