Friday, May 12, 2006

I guess that's what's meant by 'beefing it up!"

Andy Warhol's painting of a 'Soup Can' fetched $13.6m...time to save those used soup and baked bean recycling a whole new meaning!

Poor Paris Hilton launched her new video game and in doing so called it by the wrong name....I guess she also gives a new meaning to all those blonde jokes, too!

And then there's the guy in New York with a foot fetish...over a period of three years he tried to fondle and lick the toes and legs of over 70 women on the New York Subway....I bet Fergie's kicking herself!

Saturday is upon us...I've got friends coming over to share a tasty lunch, good wine, conversation and laughter. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon, I say!

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  1. In reference to the pic....

    Or is he heading home the short way with his tail between his legs?