Thursday, May 11, 2006

A new day has dawned and they're still arguing about the newly released budget. I guess this gives the government something to do. Nothing's changed. The cost of living is still going up daily, if not hourly. My trip to the supermarket later, I know, will cost me more than it did this time last week. One thing I won't scrimp on is food, however. I don't believe in penalising myself...even if, in time, I might be living out of a paper bag under a nearby bridge!! (With a bottle or two of Penfolds and Rosemount Cab Sav to lift my spirits!)

The Beaconsfield miners have voted to reopen and continue operating the mine. It's so difficult for the town as its survival depends on the gold mine. The two rescued miners, Brant Webb and Todd Russell voted 'For' the reopening. No one should be surprised, however, if they don't ever go underground again. The thought of the possibility of going through again what they've already been through would be more than enough to cope with. Miners are a unique group of people. I worked amongst the coal mining community for about three years, up in the rich Bowen Basin here in Queensland.

I'm having friends over for lunch't call me 'Hannibal Lecter'....although, I've not yet decided on the menu! I'd better get my thinking cap on and make some decisions or tomorrow will arrive and vegemite sandwiches might be the offered fare...I doubt it very much!

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