Tuesday, May 16, 2006

An editorial in today's Australian newspaper is very distressing: quote -

"Save the Children: Monstrous crimes are being committed against indigenous Australian women and children, crimes too long ignored because their victims are uniquely disadvantaged. They are crimes that give lie to the obscene orthodoxy that purports to protect all Aborigines by exonerating some of them from full responsibility for their beliefs and actions.

Men get away with hideous crimes because witnesses are intimidated into staying silent.

Last year a 55 year-old man, convicted of having sex with a 14 year-old girl was initially sentenced to serve just a month in prison! The sentence was increased on appeal....." This is but a brief excerpt of the Editorial.

When will these depraved acts be dealt with severity, with no leniency, no excuses such as 'Aboriginal Culture' etc? How long will these violent acts against indigenous women and children be allowed to continue? Innocent babies are victims of these predators! I'm sick and tired of hearing from the 'politically correct'. I'm angry that the so-called 'do-gooders', do nothing! It's not being 'racist' when demanding action be taken...action that must be taken firmly and swiftly to rectify this deporable situation that's been going on for years and years, no matter who's in power. As a country, we give away millions in aid to 'Third World Countries'...and I don't disagree with that, but for Heaven's Sake...let's fix our own backyard, first! These atrocities are going on in our own country every day. We turn a blind eye to them! After a few 'tutt-tutts' and 'Oh! How horrible it is!'....nothing gets done! Women and children in the Aboriginal settlements are living in constant fear of reprisals! I don't understand how or why the arms of the law and government are tied! These atrocities are happening in every State of Australia, including the Northern Territory. Indigenous communities have to be under the control of the Federal government. The Federal Government, in turn, must immediately put into action, methods to change the current situation for a safe future for these persecuted women, children and babies. The men have to be educated into a new way of conducting their lives. Fear of 'standing up and being counted'...the fear of speaking the truth in law courts must be replaced with pride, dignity and courage. The situation MUST change. This is 2006!!! Hiding wrongs, never fixes them! Sweeping paedophilia and domestic violence 'under the rug' will not mend this deporable situation! Tribal law must not continue to be allowed to rule.


  1. Do you believe that the editorial is a pervasive problem? I'm not from Australia, but I am familiar with the situation regarding aborigines and the colonial inhabitants (for lack of knowledge of a term meaning "everyone who is not aboriginal").

    Is this widespread or anecdotal, in your knowledge or opinion?

  2. Widespread...in my knowledge and opinion.

  3. Wow... That's horrible. They should be held accountable and punished. They are no less human beings and should be held to a human standard.

    The perpetrators of this are no better than animals.

  4. Sorry...animals are far better than they are. Animals don't treat their kind in this manner.

  5. It sickens me to the pits of my stomach and angers me to extreme to read about a four year old child, drowning while been anally abused! That is only one case of many....

  6. And it's one case too many!