Sunday, May 21, 2006

It Could Have Been Handled Better!

I watched the television interview with the rescued miners, Todd Russell and Brant Webb last night
. The interview, although very emotive, gave me the impression it had been hurriedly put together and lacked a certain kind of professionalism. For the amount Channel 9 paid for the rights, I think they could've presented it better. I also feel it was a very low blow Ch. 9 struck at 'Sunrise' host, David Koch. This kind of nonsense is not warranted and definitely wasn't professional. Anyone who watched 'Sunrise' the morning of the miners' rescue knows what happened and why Kochie entered Todd Russell's ambulance. Koch has had to repeat, often, his explanation of what happened that's only the ignorant and ill-informed who are firing these low shots at Kochie. It's the same old story...people only wish to hear or see what they wish to hear and see. Koch wasn't out of line going into Russell's ambulance that morning...Channel 9 are way out of line the way they've behaved over this. On the other hand...they've given Kochie and the 'Sunrise' crew tremendous publicity!

Don't get me wrong, I have no 'beef' with Channel 9...I watch many of their programmes...but they're acting very childishly over this issue. They're not going to win more viewers if they feel they have to resort to these kinds of tactics.

Why is it, I wonder people find it so much easier to criticise than to praise?

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