Tuesday, December 26, 2006

All Over Bar the Shouting!

Now we're on the count-down to the end of 2006. I wonder if 2007 will go as quickly as this year did! I think it will be even quicker, unfortunately! I want to be a kid again when the years seemingly went on forever!

My Christmas Day was quiet as I'd hoped it would be. A couple of friends popped in for a little while in the morning for a glass or two of good cheer and then they went on their merry ways. I spent most of the day reading quietly in my little corner of the world. Not a sound could be heard in my neck of the woods. I was the only one stirring as neighbours in the surrounding properties were away visiting family, loved ones and friends.

Wonderful, welcome rain commenced during Christmas night, lingering throughout Boxing Day. And it's still raining at present. Not that I needed much of an excuse, but with the rain falling gently upon my roof, I didn't venture outside yesterday, Boxing Day, opting to stay curled up in my cabin with my two best friends, Remy and Shama...they had no desire to get their paws wet. With a good book, the cricket, my two little mates and wishing not to partake in the outside world or mingle with those in it, I had a very cosy day hidden away. Later, in the afternoon I cooked some scallops and prawns in a white wine/cream/ garlic sauce, sharing some with my furry two. A friend telephoned me early last night. We talked and laughed for almost four hours! And 'they' say women can talk! I had to grab a moment when he took a breath to slip a word in...and that wasn't often!!! Other friends of mine who went south earlier in December rang me before that lengthy call saying they would be back home here on the mountain for New Year's Eve. I promptly invited them for lunch on New Year's Eve. I hadn't realised how much I'd missed them since they've been away. I had nothing planned for New Year, (but piles of food) so it'll be great to have them here for one of our decadent, raging lunches! We three always have a great time. We're kindred spirits who enjoy good food and wine, mixed together with interesting debates, lots of craziness and laughter. They're coming home sooner than they'd originally planned so I guess they've been missing their 'home on the range'. I'm looking forward to Sunday when they come to lunch. Of course, my luncheons are lengthy affairs so I'm prepared for a long afternoon going into the evening, commencing around 11 am!

I know you might all jump on me for saying this, but I'll be glad when things settle down to some form of normality again. I always find Christmas/New Year kind of 'forced' celebrations, ones in which we're all pressured to 'perform'. I guess that's why now I fly low under the radar at this time of the year, only to poke my head up again after it's all over to view the 'remains of the day'.

Well, I'm off to have a long, warm shower as the rain continues to fall. The Aussies are disgracing themselves in the cricket so far this morning, so I'll add them to my list of disgusts and disappointments for the moment! My biggest disappointment of all....naaa...I won't tell you....I'll keep that to myself! I'll let the soothing water of the shower wash away my 'blues'. May the plug hole welcome them with open drain pipes!


  1. Man I'd like to come to that party. What can I bring??
    We went thru 5 pounds of wild caught jumbo shrimp on Christmas Eve plus some pretty impressive domestic fruit in bottles. I'll be waiting on an invite.

  2. Sure...come on over, Cliff! :) I'm a bit partial to that fruit in bottles, too! ;) Love the sound of the shrimp/prawns...just bring some of those and perhaps some extra napkins! ;)

    I've been eating seafood the last couple of days so I'm cooking some Hungarian beef debriciner (sausage) for myself today, just as a change.

  3. I'm guessing you may have forgiven the Aussie cricketers since Symonds joined Hayden?We are lucky the rain is up here and not in Melbourne at this time.

  4. Yes, I have Peter...Hayden's just gotten out and Gilchrist is in. I was happy to see Symonds get his century, too...going well! :)

    The rain we've been having here is great...it's stopped now though...I hope it comes back! It gives me an excuse to be totally lazy and watch the cricket! ;)

  5. What a lovely piece of writing, Lee. Again, I feel I am there. It sounds like you had the perfect Xmas to me! Although I have been lucky enough to enjoy it with friends this year, I have spent many Xmases just with my dog, my books, my own cooking and my choice of drink - and been perfectly content. So I can identify with you. Back soon. Auguri again.

  6. I've gone way past the stage of needing an excuse to be totally lazy Lee, my theory is if you do something be good at it... I do nothing... extremely well.
    BTW you are welcome to the words on my speaks for itself post.

  7. G'day, Welsh...I did enjoy the way I've spent these past few days and today isn't going to be much different from early appearances. It's still overcast but no rain as yet. I think the clouds are too high to relinquish much moisture, unfortunately. I hope I'm proved wrong.

    Hi there Peter...I, too, have cornered the market in laziness and have it down to a fine art...particularly during these last couple of days. I think I should be present with the Nobel Laziness Prize! ;)

    Thanks for the loan of the words! They are similar to those I often am heard uttering! ;)