Thursday, December 28, 2006

Arrrrrghhhhh! People!

I popped into the local little service station while I was out picking up some bananas, kiwi fruit, blue berries and strawberries for a pavlova I intend making for part New Year's Eve luncheon menu.

After paying for my fuel purchase, I hopped in my car in preparation to drive out when a woman driving in with her car facing mine, called out to me, "Do you want to drive out this way?" Well, it was very obvious that "Yes" would be my answer and intention, as, after all, I was facing that way. However, feeling a little left-over seasonal good cheer still running through my veins, I called back to her, "No...don't worry, I'll reverse up and go around!"

There I was in rather a cramped space with a bright yellow 'wheelie bin' strategically placed behind me and a huge 4x4 Toyota with its massive dark red nose jutting out at the opposite side of the bowser I'd been using with its elderly, anxious-looking owner watching my every move. I smiled, waved and said, "Don't worry, I won't hit you!"

After two negotiations, I safely, undamaged and without damaging another or a yellow wheelie bin, I went on my merry way, smiling but muttering under my breath, "Stupid people!"

Karma has to be kind to me with Saturday's $33m lotto!


  1. Well negotiated! Pity about the lottery though; I already have dibs on it.

  2. I'll share half with you, Lee...$16.5m will suit me just fine! ;)

  3. Hey, I want some too, I bought my ticket yesterday - so please, don't forget me!

  4. Okay, Robyn...I won't sneeze at $8.25m! Now...that's a done deal! ;)

  5. HAHAHAHA .. that tickles my sense of humour - I love that 'stating the obvious' - reminds me of the 'Here's Your Sign!' comedy routine - do you know that one?

    Hang on a minute, I've got a ticket too!

    Mind you, I don't need the whole $33m - that would be a bit scary really...


  6. I don't care which of you wins the lotto. Just remember 'uncle cliff' in the usa, when you do.

  7. No, I don't think I know that one, Della...but it certainly was 'stating the obvious'...I did see the funny side of it at the time and felt like saying something other than what I called out but bit my lip! ;)

    Aah...I wouldn't be scared of the $33m...I've already made plans! ;) Did I hear someone calling out "Uncle Cliff"? Did you hear that Della...I might be hearing things! ;)

    Oh! G'day there, Cliff! :)