Saturday, December 23, 2006

To Be Totally Honest!

Many of us 'knock' the USA..(I'm not one of the "us" who knock the States...and I guess those of you who have followed my blog know that already).... I'm sitting here, enjoying a couple of drinks....I'm in 'party mode'...I've got my stereo playing...five CDs at a the moment 'Alabama' is making me bop along to their music. As I'm listening to the music I've placed in my player, I've came to the not-new-revelation...there is no doubt the US make some really great music. Don't misunderstand me...we, here in Aus, do have some great artists...but...hey! One has to be honest!

I have a very varied taste in music. I explain to those who are willing to listen that I have a 'Catholic taste in music'...universal of taste is wide ranging...all embracing. I have a huge collection of music...LPs, cassettes, CDs....and radio....of all genres...stupidly, I don't spend enough time listening to my own collection. I play the radio a lot! Tonight, I am letting it flow...well...a teeny-weeny bit of it!


  1. Could be there is more than just the music flowing tonight Lee, hope you don't suffer for that tomorrow.

  2. Naaa...I won't suffer tomorrow,'s tomorrow already!

    You don't know me...I'm a party animal in disguise! I just don't tell anybody!

    In the words of Scarlet O'Hara..."Tomorrow is another day!"....I'll worry about that then...I've had a great night! :)

  3. Hi Lee - I'm on my way - to start my Christmas rounds - just doing up my own post to cover the festivities, then I intend to sit back too and visit and look and see what everybody else has done.

    Woke up happy mood this morning, very early - found a great song to open my blog (don't usually do music and this is very low-key, now I'm looking for decorations.

    AND - like you, I do not sledge the 'merkins - great people! me too for the 'catholic' music tastes.

    Back later for more reading

  4. Glad to hear you woke up in a happy mood this morning, Della...see, you vented and that always helps! :)

    I woke up in a good mood this morning, as well...must be something in the air! (Or someone!) I had a very late night and I'm a little drowsy but I'm about to read the paper and check my lotto ticket! Fingers crossed...I'm forever hopeful! ;)

  5. Miss reading you on LST.

    A merry and blessed Christmas to you and all of my lost Aussie Buds from years gone by. Hope all is well with you and wish you an AWESOME new year.

  6. Merry Christmas to you both, Marc and Sally. Thank you for your good wishes. It's a pleasant surprise to see you. :)

    I hope you have a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year!

    From 'Down Under'...Santa's second port of call! ;)

  7. Some Australian bands are played here too, but I don't know why Beccy Cole is not. If she played any dance hall in Texas she would have the whole crowd out on the floor. I'd never heard of her until the 'Digger' video and story made the news here. I bought two cd's after that (online, she is not in any stores here) and think she is great. Even if she does'nt want to tour outside of Australia I'd think her record label would want to sell cd's here. Such are the fickle gods of marketing.

    All the Christmas shopping is done, presents wrapped, and it's raining. Gonna spend the day reading, doing nothing, and not feeling guilty about it.

    Have a great and Merry Christmas down there!

  8. I'm glad you were able to get hold of some of Beccy Cole's music. I remember we talked about her in LST one time. She is great with personality to match. I've seen her a couple of times, one of which was when she was lead-up act to Willie Nelson's last tour here. She has lots of energy.

    Sounds like you're going to have a relaxing day...I'm going to have a similar one. Rain is forecast here tonight...I wish it would arrive it! The temperature up here on the mountain should get to around 28C...predicting 32C in Brisbane's always a couple or so degrees cooler up here. I've got the champers chilling and I'll be chilling out too. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, gtotracker. Thank you for your good wishes. :)

  9. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Hey! Santa Claus left you a present "down under" my tree this year....guess you'll hafta come to Texas to claim it! (we still have squatter rights in some regions in Texas!) Merry Christmas Lee! psssst! (in a whiney voice) I wanna be a party animal!

    You need to have black-eyed peas and cabbage for the New Year. Black-eyed peas for good luck and cabbage for money! Sweet!

  10. Hi Janine...yes, I've already got myself a packet of black-eyed peas ready for New Year's Eve...a good friend of mine told me all about them! I need the luck and need the money, so I'll shoot out and get me a nice, fresh cabbage in New Year's Eve! ;)

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I'm in a party mood so I intend thoroughly enjoying the day...I hope you do, too. I hear it's raining over your way. Send some down here. We are supposed to get some tonight...I hope it arrives earlier! Best wishes to you...thanks for your kind wishes, too. Cheers! Here's lookin' at ya! ;)