Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stuffed If I Know!

It's very lucky I don't have a sledgehammer close by! For some reason completely unknown to me, my Outlook Express decided not to work today! Earlier this morning, it was in working order....but not now!

There has been a lot of growling emanating from my cabin this morning/early afternoon! Anyone within ear-shot would be wondering what hell was going on in here! I *hate* problems! I *abhor* hassles! I have NO patience whatsoever!

If Outlook Express wants to play games with me...go ahead, I say! I've switched to plain old Outlook...see if I care! I can be nasty too!


  1. PS...I've got it all working again...Outlook Express that is, after a very frustrating afternoon!

  2. Hi Lee,

    I'm sorry that you have had problems, and I hope they sort themselves out soon.

    My problems have to do with our phone lines, the light on the phone blinks and says our exstintion is in use and the thing is it isn't. So either I some how have a hacker on the hardware line, or it's the line going bonkers itself. That's why I haven't been posting so much, and yeah it's frustrating too.

    Good luck, Janice~

  3. I don't know what was happening, Janice, but it all seems okay again now...touch wood!

    I hope your problems get fixed soon, must the run-down towards Christmas that's causing all the problems! All the phones and emails to Santa...that's what's causing the problems!

  4. Hi Lee...

    You've had some very interesting posts over the last few days and I enjoyed reading them.

    I've had trouble with Outlook Express in the past, too and just about tore my hair out with it!

    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. We're getting some very steady rain at the moment, but it's soooo sticky. Wish the thunder and lightning would happen and clear the humidity a little. It's going to be a hot night for sleeping.

    Take care


  5. Hi Lee, thanx for stopping by and the comments. Deep cleansing breaths. ;)

  6. ny reason you don't use Mozilla Thunderbird Lee? it works just fine.

  7. Hi Robyn, Michael & Peter...this is the first time I've had a problem with's been fine in the past.

    I took a lot of those deep breaths, many, there was little air left hereabouts! ;)

    It's a muggy night/early morning up here too, Robyn...we had thunder, lightning and some rain earlier but up here on the mountain is probably just a wee bit cooler than down below. So far summer hasn't been too bad at all...I hope it continues this way...but just brings rain, rain and more rain!

  8. Hi, Lee. I get like that, too, when there are Outlook probs. Last Sunday night I just couldn't connect and it took me two hours of hanging on, being told I was "next" and all that, to get through to a real person at Italia Telecom! Once you are through, of course, there's no point in having a go at them, as it's not the fault of the person you are talking to. But I want to take a hammer to the computer at times! It's me, Welshcakes Limoncello, by the way!

  9. As soon as you wrote 'Italia Telecom', I recognised it as you 'Welshcakes Limoncello'. Thanks for dropping by...nice to see you. :)

    I always think that I've caused the problem by doing something that I shouldn't have! I get so frustrated about it all...and should just get up and walk away...which I did do at one point. I went outside and dragged up some weeds out of my herb garden, taking my angst out on them...the poor innocent weeds! ;)