Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sucked In...Weakened...The Spirit Has Grabbed Hold,Threatening to Strangle Me!'

I attended the neighbourhood Christmas party last night. There are only 5 homes in this small court in which I live and the inhabitants of two of those are away over the Christmas/New Year period, but a couple of neighbours from across the way and some from even further across the way made up the numbers! It was a fun evening. We sipped on champagne, red and white wine and Crown Lagers while 'oohing and aahhing' over and succumbing to the vast spread of tempting food on offer. Many a tall stories were exchanged! Lots of laughter and goodwill spread throughout the evening's frivolities. I enjoyed myself. Months go by before I see some of my neighbours, so it's nice to catch up over Christmas cheer.

Now, I've got the bug! Today I am making cakes and other delectable delicacies! Oh! Dear! What have I started? I'll be eating Christmas fare until June, 2007 at the rate I'm going! Maybe I'll set up a stall outside the property when the festivities have passed and sell what's left over!

I'm off to another Christmas party tomorrow evening at the other end of the mountain. What diet? Did I hear someone mention 'diet'? Surely not!


  1. No point in thinking diet until after the New Year Lee, too many temptations coming up.

  2. That's for sure, Peter! How foolish of me even to think of it! ;)

    Now...where did I put those rum balls?