Friday, December 22, 2006

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with family, loved ones and friends. I will raise a large glass of good cheer to you all. (I think that's safer than raising a glass to each one of you! I would like to see the day through and into the New Year!)

Christmas Eve is almost here. I'm searching around for a suitable pillow case to hang on the end of my bed! I think if Santa comes a-calling, I might kidnap him! I'll make enough egg nog to tempt him into staying! Sorry folks...but he's mine for the night! Oh! Okay! If you insist! I'll release him from my decadent clutches! My knight in shining armour is missing in action...his armour must be rusty by now! He has no navigation skills at is very apparent! To be honest, I think he has forgotten all about me! He doesn't know what he is missing! Silly man!

I even went to a couple of Christmas parties. He didn't turn up there, either! I've just arrived home from a Christmas party. All day I didn't feel like going out. When push came to shove, I didn't want to come home! I had a ball! Isn't it funny? It always me, anyway...when I feel like not attending a 'do'...I end up have a blast! So, I'm continuing the party here at home with me and me!

At the party were couples, except for lil' ole me and the mother of the hostess. And, Dorothy, the hostess's Mum is one great lady! She is 89 years of young! Both she and I complained that no one thought of our needs! What's new? One would think that our friends/family at Christmas time, at least, could find a suitable candidate for us! But such luck! To me, the best Christmas present I have received or will receive this year is meeting and talking with Dorothy. She has made me understand I am not strange at all. No matter what anyone says...even me...we all would like to have a kindred spirit by our sides. Times during my crazy life I've thought I'd met my 'kindred spirit'...'thought' being the operative word!

Oh! Well...I'll just dream on! Sometimes the dreaming is better as in those I can create my perfect beau...ummm...I shan't elaborate, so don't ask me to!

Enough of the all enjoy yourselves. I'm going to do so. My refrigerator is groaning from its load of things-that-are-good-to-eat and bottles-of-liquid-great-to-drink! All is ready and I am, too!

The best thing of all we can do is to remember the good times. Every happy Christmas we have had. Every one we've spent times with the people we care about...the hopes, the anticipation of when we were children.. The Christmases we have spent with those we have loved as we've grown older. Whether it be Christmas or other times, never forget the emotions. Forget the bad Christmases...the sad ones. We have all had our share of them. Remember the happy times we have shared with those who no longer are with us. Smile...share a moment's silence in remembrance. It doesn't matter if you are by yourself or with, enjoy, reflect on the good times...the mad times...relive every magic moment...add to them...look to the doesn't stop until you let it! Recall the love...relive it...remember the laughter...repeat it...never let go of hope, faith, need, want, desire and of who you are.

And remember...the gift of your presence is the most precious present of all.



    Glad to hear you got to a couple of parties and enjoyed them, have a very Merry Christmas.

  2. lol...not that I know of, Peter. But I do have a lost cousin somewhere by the name of 'Warren' but I know it's not Wazza! lol

  3. Do you think, Peter, it is because I have had a few too many red wines, that I am shouting? ;)

  4. In short, I guess I should make a resolution to whisper thoughout 2007!

  5. Nah, play the cards your dealt and hang the results Lee.

  6. I do that all the time, Peter! ;)

  7. hmmm ... do you guys mind if I join in here? Not interrupting anything? ::smiles::

    Very funny, Peter, if we get Lee and Wazza together in the same room, we wont be able to hear ouselves think for the SHOUTING..

    Lee, if I'd had only the one 'kindred spirit' I would have been alone a LONG time ago! Thank God there are some I still haven't met yet...

    Yes, our Christmas is about food - we are off to the Fish Market at Tweed Heads about 4.00; we'll buy prawns and oysters and perhaps some smoked fish and a lobster tail or two, that's for tomorrow - we've already started on the ham, we'll bring back fish and chips for tonight.

    Merry Christmas for tommorrow.

  8. Hahahaha! Listen you, two...I'm not that loud! lol I just couldn't reset the damn font! ;) I was in top form last night, I must admit...laying low today...I wonder why? ;)

    Yep...I'm having seafood too, Della. I've got green prawns, sea scallops, calamari and oysters...I adore oysters! I love seafood. I cut into my small ham this morning...I had ham, eggs, grilled tomato and fresh mushrooms for breakfast...I needed to fortify my system! lol

  9. Hugs and a Merry Christmas to you and yours, Della. I hope Father Christmas is kind to you. :)