Friday, December 15, 2006

Reflections of the Day

Being on the downhill race to the end of another year, I thought I'd post this watercolour I painted a couple of years ago of a sunset somewhere in the great expanse of this country.

I think someone has stolen a couple or more months from me as it really doesn't seem like twelve months since last Christmas. If you find them, could you please return them to me?

Like everyone else, when I was younger I thought the 'oldies' were crazy when they said time flew the older one grew! Dammit! They were right!

I wish I had a time capsule, wherein I could go back to the many crossroads in my life to enable me to dare to venture down different paths to the ones I chose. Just out of curiosity to see where I'd be now and what I would be doing if I'd chosen the left turn instead of the right turn...or the direct route etc. Would I still be alone if I'd done that instead of this? I think I know the answer to that question. I believe it's my destiny to live and be's written on the wind. Inscribed in the sands of time. I can't fool around with destiny, now can I? Anyway, I enjoy my own counsel and space. It's the way I am and who I am.

Many others think I'm strange (well...they're probably be right...who am I to argue? I'm the first to agree!) because I enjoy spending Christmas by myself. What others think about me really has never bothered me too much. As each year goes by, what others think bothers me less and less! That I have some who do think of me kindly is what matters most! Back to the subject of spending Christmas alone...I enjoy being able to do 'my own thing'. Christmas Eve I like to sit out under the stars by candle-light, sipping on eggnog in quiet reverie. I jump out of bed early Christmas morning, shower, dress...usually in white...pick out some music...I play classical music in the morning then the mood changes as the day progresses. I set up a Christmas table for myself adorned with all the Christmas goodies. Around 10am...I open a bottle of champagne for my bellinis (thanks to Harry's Bar in Venice!). I sip on bellinis as I drift through a leisurely morning. I eat when I feel that way inclined. No rush, no hassles or dramas.

So, nine more sleeps before the pitter-patter of Santa on the roof! More like the 'Thump! Thump! Thump!" here of possums on my roof! I think they leap from the highest of high branches of the trees, landing on my roof like a herd of elephants, not possums! Poor Santa...I'd better warn him!


  1. Hi Lee, that is a magnificent watercolour of the sunset somewhere.
    There could be something to your solo Christmas idea, I've never tried it.

  2. It's probably just my nature, Peter...the way I I said being alone at Christmas is not everyone's eggnog...but I enjoy it. I spent many years organising, catering for, feeding the hordes, whether it be family and friends or professionally when I was cooking professionally that I now savour and cherish my 'aloneness'. When I was in the hospitality industry the preparation of Christmas parties started in early November and by Christmas Day...well, you can imagine! Sometimes, particularly in one place I was working in north Queensland, I'd be doing three functions a day, together with a la carte at night. And even catered for 'take-away' going everywhere! Even on the ceiling if I threw a tantrum (no...I never got that bad, but I felt like it many times, I can assure you! lol)

  3. I know what you mean about the hospitality industry Lee and I don't blame you for wanting a bit of peace and quiet. I spend the day with my daughters and a few ring ins and thoroughly enjoy it, but like you I live on my own, so I have my bolt hole to shut myself in afterward.

    I love your painting - the colours go very well with my bedroom decor, lol!

    Cheers and bottoms up!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my painting, too, Peter. Appreciated. :)

  5. PS: There's a lot of rain on the way, I've just checked out the BOM radar. Bewdy eh?

  6. I understand, when you have family nearby, it would be nice to share the day with them, but I'm "Little Orphan Annie"! ;) I'll share my seafood with my two furry mates but I'll keep my champagne to myself as they don't drink...the 'wowsers!' ;)

  7. Oh! Great about the rain, Robyn...thanks for that info! I hope it pours and pours! I've only poked my head outside today to pick up the paper from where the guy tossed it! lol I've got the cricket going in the background. those colours match your they? lol

    I'm working on a fairly large acrylic at the moment...and it is a real 'work-in'progress' as I've been very slack about getting stuck into it. I told a friend I would do a painting for and my big mouth! ;) I keep getting side-tracked, although I did do a bit more to it this past week.

  8. Hi Lee,
    Just stopping in to say hello and thanks for visiting me. I read with interest your plan of Christmas alone.
    I've never done that, but there seems to be such a serenity about you...
    Merry Christmas!

  9. Some of the best parties I've thrown, Sue have been with me and me! ;)

  10. Hi lee, lovely painting, I admire your independence and can see where you are coming from, I can handle alone OK, but if given the choice prefer good company of people who mean a lot to me. One of my furry ones has been known to lap my wine. Then I had to throw it out as there is a definate where sharing with felines or dogs stops.
    Cheers Margaret

  11. Hi Margaret...I had a cat once, Pushkin, whom I caught one evening lapping my Bundy rum and water! lol We're breeding alcoholic cats!

    Glad you like the painting...I'm running out of stocks of them stored on my computer!

  12. Lee, I love your painting, it is stunning. It looks so lifelike.
    Your solo Christmas sounds wonderful ... it is often such a hectic day.
    Take care, and have a great weekend.

  13. Anonymous12:41 AM

    You have a talent with the brush. I like it. We have no kids. My wife works shifts, which includes weekends and holidays, and I have spent a few Christmases alone. It's not as bad as some folks might think.

  14. Hi Meow...thanks...I'm glad you like my painting...I'm sitting here watching the cricket...and being all's like a one-dayer!

  15. I'm so very impressed with your painting. I've often said I'd like to do that but wouldn't know where to start. Beautiful job.
    You write even better than you paint! This was a wonderful job of relating to the readers. I could handle Christmas either way. Our kids are fairly close so we are usually with them but they could all go to the in-laws on the same Christmas and we would be alone but that wouldn't bother me. Merry Christmas to you.

  16. G'day Steve and Cliff...glad you liked the painting. I haven't used watercolours for a while now, preferring acrylics these days. I'm self-taught, not being one for groups, clubs etc. I decided to start fiddling around with painting and drawing about two years ago...just for my own pleasure. So, Cliff, pick up those pencils or brushes...if I can do it, anyone can! As with everything, the more you paint or draw, the easier it becomes.

  17. Absolutely beautiful colours, and you are so talented! I read what you said about, anyone can do it, but, no - I am here to tell you, they cannot ::smiles::

    About alone - despite the fact that I have mostly lived with others, husbands and family - I cherish my alone-time, always have, actually I've always said that I could live happily as a hermit - blanket and sandals at the top of a mountain would suit me fine - but I've never found a way to afford to do it!

    So, you are talking to the converted here, you like yourself, and like to be with yourself, obviously, and isn't that what 'they' tell us is the best thing of all?

    Thanks for all the posts, I've had a few to read, didn't realise how long I've been distracted doing other things - looks like I am going to have fun catching up all over the place.

    BTW - have a look - we've got a BABY scrub turkey!!!

  18. I've been married twice, Della...won't ever again...too used to my own company now. I have no children and very few other family...and none around here where I live...on top of a mountain in a cabin...I, too, always said I wanted to live on top of a mountain as hermit away from everyone...not quite that but almost! ;)

    Pick up those brushes again, Della...practice, practice, practice! ;)

  19. What a beautiful watercolour, thank you for sharing.

  20. Nice to see you, Mia...thanks for your comment. :)