Friday, December 29, 2006

In This Word Picture...Pick The Animal!

A small article in today's paper caught my eye and attention.

"Man sets dog on to policeman to avoid being arrested."

The 'man' concerned will spend the rest of the year behind bars after setting his dog on to police, who had been called to a domestic dispute at a home in suburban Ipswich, south-west of Brisbane. When the police officers attempted to arrest him, he set his cattle dog onto the police. One officer was taken to hospital for treatment to bites to his calf and his knee. The arrested 'man' appeared before a specially convened session of the Ipswich Magistrate's Court and was remanded in custody until February 21 when he will face several charges, including assault occasioning bodily harm, serious assault and obstructing and assaulting police.

The cattle dog was surrendered to the council and will be destroyed by the owner's request!

There is something very, very wrong in this picture! The poor innocent dog was only doing what its owner commanded it to do! I see no reason for it being 'put down' and this upsets me!


  1. Lee,
    There are some selfish, disrespectful people out there. "Blame the dog your honor not me, I'm a good guy and only take responsibility for things that are right and good."
    exasperating is too mild a word!
    Happy New Year Lee.

  2. Yep...agreed. I wrote and sent an email to the Council in question airing my opinion. It may be worth little to them, but it is worth a try! Who knows...maybe others feel strongly about the injustice towards the dog as I do...I hope so. :)

    Thanks for your good wishes, Remiman...have I told you that I have a male cat (I have a male and female cat, actually) but my male cat is named "Remy"! :)

  3. Hi Lee,
    I so totally agree, not the dogs fault, I wonder though if the poor animal isn't better off than having a 'master' who obviously isn't concerned for the dog's welfare. I've seen some terrible owners, they shouldn't have dogs in the first place.


  4. Putting down the wrong individual I'd say.

  5. Della...I hope a loving, happy home is found for the dog rather than have him put down...I said this in my email to the Ipswich Council. I know I'm a sook/softie but it would be great if this happened.

    I agree, just put it in words! The dog shouldn't be punished because its owner is a mongrel!

  6. That's awful - so much for the guy loving his dog and dogs are such devoted creatures.

    Thanks for the idea of sending an email. I shall add my words to yours and hopefully, someone will have compassion for that poor faithful animal.

  7. That would be so great if you did,'s the addy for save you looking it up.

    I did ring their kind of 'hotline' this morning as well...and the woman who took my call was very pleasant. She said nothing would be done to the dog over the hopefully, if they get emails during the weekend for when they re-commence business on Tuesday...our voices may be heard. Let's hope so.

  8. The worst part of the story is that the dog will be destroyed "by the owner's request." Egads man! How could someone actually request that his dog be destroyed?!! I don't understand people sometimes. I'd write more, but I need to go hug my dog ! :))

  9. Hi there Smukke...nice to see you. I proves what type of person the owner is...he obviously has no respect for humans and animals alike. People like him are despicable...I wouldn't even call him an 'animal'...animals don't act that way.

  10. It's traditional at New Year's Eve to pardon some of the condemned here in the USA. It's usually a lame-duck governor or president's last act in office. Maybe they'll pardon the dog. He shouldn't pay for his master's sins.

    Don't think a cattle dog is mean by nature. But coincidentally today I saw an ad offering pit-chow puppies for sale. Whoa! Chows are notorious biters. And pit bulls don't let go once they do bite. So this doesn't bode well--getting a dog that bites frequently and won't let go.

    Have a great 2007.

  11. I blame bad behaviour by dogs on their owners. If a dog is treated badly, taught no better or not trained in anyway, it is not to blame for its behaviour. I've witnessed some atrocious treatment towards animals and then humans wonder why they, the animals, react in certain ways.

    Thanks for your good wishes for 2007, Dave...same to you. :)

  12. How about we ask the dog to determine the master's sentence for the incident, rather than the opposite?

  13. You've nailed it, Don! Great idea...I reckon that's what should be done!