Saturday, December 16, 2006

Good Taste!

A survey of Queensland's favourite read has chosen Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird" as Number 1. And what a wonderful book it is. Who else but Gregory Peck could have played 'Atticus' in the film? Nobody, in my humble opinion, but then I'm a life-long fan of Mr Peck's. He is/was my dream man. I think he is to blame for my never finding my "Mr Right"! Gregory Peck had such charisma about him, even in his latter years. I watched a wonderful documentary on him a few years ago when he was doing talk circuits throughout colleges in the States. His last visit to 'Down Under' was in 1997. I still have the pic of him that was on the front page of the "Courier Mail", taken during his visit. He was in his eighties then, and he still looked great with his 'pepper and salt' beard. I remember showing it to my brother and saying, " that a man or is that not a man?" He certainly had a style about him. By the way, my brother agreed with me. He, also, was a fan of Mr. Peck. When he died, I pulled out my video copy of "Roman Holiday" and watched it for the hundredth time...and yes, I cried at the end of it, as well! As a by-line...I cry in happy movies, too!

It was also interesting to see that Louisa M. Alcott's "Little Women" came in seventh place. I read all of the March girls' series when I was young, many times over. I still adore those stories...and I still cry over them! I have no idea how many times I've seen each filmed version of "Little Women"...and yes...I cry, even though I know the story by heart!

I'm hopeless!


  1. Great book, great movie, great actor.

  2. Ditto! Ditto! Ditto! :)

  3. Ah, but that book is was written to yank on your heart stings.

  4. So many truths in it, Janice, great many wisdoms...with the innocence of children, their curiosity and learning about life. And it certainly does tug on your heart-strings.

  5. Hi Lee,

    I loved that book! And Gregory Peck, what a honey!

    I was about 10 or 11 when one of my aunties gave me "Little Women" for my birthday and of course, I loved whatever version of movie has been showing.

    Another personal favourite of mine and my youngest daughter is "Wuthering Heights", such a wonderful sad, passionate, brooding book! I've read it loads of times and still love it.

  6. Hi Robyn, 'Wuthering Heights' came in as No. 9 on the list. I loved it as well...and of course, "Jane Eyre". I had to write an essay on the book in High School English...I received top marks for it and had to read it out to the class...with my knees knocking from nerves! I'll never forget that moment! lol

  7. Have you read "Good Wives", "Jo's Boys" and "Little Men" also Robyn?

    They follow on from "Little Women" and are equally excellent.

  8. Gregory Peck (Designing Women), Carey Grant(To Catch a Thief) and Jimmy Stewart (It's a Wonderful Life) are my all time favourites.

  9. me again - one last one - I watched the Top Ten Albums voted for a recent ABC program - and didn't even KNOW some of the artists. In the end, we decided that as the voting was mostly done online, then the artists were much more likely to be those known to a younger set?

    hmmm .. Gregory Peck? wasn't he...? No, come to think of it, that was Rock Hudson... I don't know my movie stars, never been much for the movies.

  10. Hey Scorpy...'Designing Woman' was on tv Saturday before last. I had to watch it again...I love that movie. Mickey Shaunesy was fabulous in it as Maxie Stultz...the punch-drunk ex-fighter...he slept with his eyes open! It's a bit of a giggle and it was great to see it again. Agree with you on the other two, as well...both top movies and I watch them every time they come back on. Against his will, I made my nephew sit and watch 'It's A Wonderful Life' with me (against his will at first) the last time it was on. He fell in love with it too!

    Hey Della...I watched that show too..but I did know all the albums and totally agreed with No.1 "Dark Side of the Moon"'s one of my all-time favourites...great album. I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan. It was just some of the panel I didn't agree with! ;)

  11. PS...No...Gregory Peck was as straight as a dye...I'm a bit of a movie all the trivia questions...hehehehehehehe!

  12. Lee I saw the beginning of 'Designing Women' but fell asleep early on. It was on pretty late and I'd had a big day :)

  13. No...scorpy...'Designing Woman' wasn't on late! It was on during the afternoon...Saturday afternoon...I know! I know! You had a big Friday night! ;)

  14. I agree!! And whilst on the subject of Books have you noticed how many previous scientific books are now written in a style to be enjoyed universally.

    However one book of fiction by a truly gifted storyteller -
    I would highly recommend to you for Christmas reading is the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini -One Of the best!! ?asuming you have not aleady read it !!

    best wishes

  15. No, I've not yet read that one, Lindsay, but I have heard of it. I'll have to add it to my list of 'must buy'! Thanks.

  16. Gidday Lee,
    I've been a little slow on blogging of late. I sure don't have as much time as Peter but then again he's retired.
    Gregory Peck, now there's an actor. Did you know his real name was Eldred Gregory Peck.
    Some of my favourite G.P. movies.
    Capain Newman M.D.
    Million Pound Note
    The Gunfighter
    The Omen
    The Big Country
    and of cause
    Roman Holiday

  17. Yes, I did, Wazza...I've ready is biography a couple of times. I've followed his life and career closely. Have I told you I think he was great? ;)