Friday, December 01, 2006


After yesterday's post in which comments were made about laying blame...or not laying blame on the military in the Black Hawk tragedy, in which I made comment saying it's about time Private Jake Kovco's family moved on, an article appears in today's paper. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I'm a little confused!

The family of Private Kovco has now slammed the inquiry's finding that the soldier's shooting death occurred because he was 'skylarking'. Suicide and murder have been ruled out previously and the new report blames Kovco for shooting himself and dying as a result of the inappropriate handling of his personal weapon, which occurred in the context of Pte Kovco engaging in skyklarking/fooling around behaviour. Just moments before he was shot, Pte Kovco was joking and singing with his two roomies.

Now this is where I'm confused...Kovco's widow and her family insist his death was accidental. And her father said there was no evidence to back up the skylarking claim. He, Kovco's father-in-law claims, "I believe that, whatever happened - now I had some theories of my own I'm not going into - is that it was a total accident'.

Isn't that what this latest finding is saying? Mrs Kovco (widow) is saying she has a concern about the term 'skylarking'. If it wasn't murder and wasn't suicide and it wasn't an accident...what was it? Beats me! I hate to say this (or write it) but I think young Mrs Kovco is following her own personal agenda here...and perhaps looking for a huge pay-out. I may be wrong. But I really don't understand why she is going on and on, 'picking out fleas when none are there any longer!'


Further to the Black Hawk tragedy, it really makes me wonder "what's it all about, Alfie?"...Fiji's promised military coup was stalled because of a rugby match!

It's good to know where their priorities lie, isn't it? Commodore Bainimarama might have to clean up his act, I would reckon! The police team beat his army team 17-15. Perhaps he should go back to climbing coconut palms!


Mel Gibson did it! Michael Richards (Kramer) did it! Now Danny DeVito has lashed out on Barbara Walters' top ranking morning chat show. Apparently, he was looking very hung-over and began mocking President Bush. You'd think DeVito would pick on somebody his own size, wouldn't you?


German sex educators plan to, not the B-52...but a spray-on condom, tailor-made for all sizes! mind boggles...and I shall say no more!


A female killer whale grabbed her trainer by the foot and pinned him to the bottom of the tank at San Diego's Sea World show. The other orca trainers in the meantime are staying out of the water until they figure out what went wrong. The trainer who was dragged to the bottom of the tank is fine and in good condition. Kasatka, the orca, has been at Sea World for 25 of her 30 years and twice before has tried to bite her trainers. It's easy to understand why she was a bit fed would the trainer like everyone to expect him to jump out of the water upright every day so some idiot could jump of his nose? I'm on Kasatka's side...I would have held him under a little longer until he promised never to treat her that way again! She must be due for long service leave soon and a pro-rata superannuation pay-out!


  1. The term 'skylarking' whilst not used in civilian life (well not a lot) is used A LOT in the defence forces. It is aterm that covers a myriad of things including misbehaviour or dangerous behaviour. The word 'accident' is mute because it does not give a cause and all accidents MUST have a root cause. Whilst I feel for the family's loss they must understand that the terminology is not unjust it is just stating the facts and is far better than suicide or muredr as first thought.
    I must applaude the wife of the Army captain after her interview. She was very brave. She immediately said that she and He understood the risks of being in the ADF and flying a chopper.

  2. Yes, scorpy...she did conduct herself with dignity and bravery.

    I use the term 'skylarking' I'm sure many do. I hate to say it, scorpy...I don't think the family want to understand. As I said in my post...maybe I am wrong...but I don't think anything that the reports come up with will be accepted by them. It appears to me they won't be satisfied until they blame long as it's not Pte Kovco. It is sad...I feel for their loss, as you do...but surely to goodness they're bringing more grief and continued anger to themselves by their actions.

  3. Just fancy that bully Danny DeVito pickin' on lil' George Dubya, thats just awful.

  4. Good morning Lee:-) I'm so sorry I haven't gotten back to you before this! Yes, of course, I would be delighted if you want to use some of my recipes for your weekly article!! They are all tried and true recipes that I've been making for more years than I can remember:-) Thanks so much for the honour of thinking of me for this!!

  5. Guns tend not to shoot people unless the shooting is intentional or caused by someone acting in such a way as to make such an event likely to occur.

    So, your choice is "intentional shooting," which means "murder or suicide," or "unintentional shooting," which means, "someone did something unsafe and probably stupid."

  6. Yeah...unthinkable, Peter! ;)

    Thanks, Pea...much appreciated. comments still apply...if it wasn't murder, not suicide, it wasn't accidental..."unintentional" would kind of apply "accidental" to me..if it was caused by being stupid and acting unsafely...the outcome is the same!

  7. Hi Lee, just doing my usual once weekly catch up!

    I think it's sad the way Pvte Kovko's death, whether skylarking or not, is still continuing to make news - because of the family. It seems that they are in denial, and while I totally sympathise with them for this tragedy in their lives, I can't help thinking, like you, Lee, it is time to move on. It's all very demeaning to his memory and maybe it's time for them to let go, mourn him and remember the good things about him.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly, Robyn...I kind of sense a hidden agenda and a bit of vindictiveness's not doing any good to anyone.

  9. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Interesting and diverse post. 'skylarking' must be an Australian term.

  10. It could be, Steve...I'm not sure...never thought about it...but I guess it is. We have a lot of strange terms that confuse others!