Saturday, December 09, 2006

Fact Is Always Stranger...Funnier Than Fiction!

A funny story in today's 'Sunday Mail"..."Good Mail" section caught my eye and tickled my sense of humour.

A pilot flew his plane to a country town in western Queensland where the tarmac had been fenced off. At the gate was a message stating pilots should call the security manager for the code to open the gate. When the pilot rang he was told the PIN could not be divulged over the phone for security reasons and that an officer would come over with the PIN. A minute or so later, a door swung open in the terminal building about 20m away. A uniformed guard yelled the code out in front of a bunch of commuters awaiting the afternoon flight to Brisbane. The pilot didn't catch the number, so yelled back: "What?"

The obliging security man then repeated the details even louder!

Yep...our security service in this country is operating loud and clear!


  1. Sounds like he might be a farmer. That's the way we do things here on the farm Lee. Thanks for another good visit. You've got some interesting reading here.

  2. Probably was, Cliff...I laughed when I read's a good story.

    Thanks for visiting...I'm glad you find some of it of interest. :)

  3. Isn't it great that we are still able to do this sort of thing here in Oz though Lee.
    Re Pauline Hanson, she occasionally hits accord with the public view (even the unvoiced opinion) and is fooled into thinking that this means she is far greater than she is... a bit sad really.

  4. Hi Peter...hope you had a fun weekend in Brisbane.

    Re...Pauline Hanson...sure, she voices some opinions all of us share around the dinner table, but as I commented, she hasn't got anything to back it up with. I agree, she has an inflated opinion of her importance and her knowledge. It takes more than airing one's opinions and debating with friends over a couple of drinks. I think it's a bit sad, too...because I think she's setting herself up for a fall...and I doubt many will take her seriously.

  5. Hi Lee ~~ Great Assie Security eh ?
    Good story though. And we wouldn't want to live anywhere else would we ?
    Thanks for your comment, we need lots of good steady rain to help these poor tired fire-fighters. So far, no loss of life and that is the main thing. Houses can be rebuilt, lives cannot. It is around 40 degrees here today AND the power has gone off this afternoon, Hope it is on soon. I am struggling with my laptop built-in mouse. Take care, Love, Merle.

  6. Stay safe, Merle. It really must be horrific down where those fires are. My thoughts go out to everyone affected.

  7. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Wonderful story, Lee. The building in which I work has keypad security. The key pad on the rear entrance gate (the most difficult one to oversee) became faulty some six months ago.

    The answer? Leave the gate open wedged with a brick!! It's still there.

    You have an interesting blog.

  8. Hi, Pete...thanks for popping in...don't be a door is always open...propped open with a brick! ;)

    You see, Pete...a brick is better security than a can cause more damage!