Saturday, September 09, 2006

9/11....Five Years On....

Five years may have passed but the emotion and horror haven't...not for me, anyway. Television channels are busily showing replays, documentaries/movies on the tragic events of that day. I won't be watching any of them. I watched it happen, stroke by horrible stroke, glued to my TV set. I felt compelled to watch and all what came after. It was my duty to do so, in reverence to all mankind, to those who lost their lives, for their grieving loved ones and for our freedoms, culture and beliefs, which I hold so dear. I shed many tears, often sobbing deeply. I don't need replays or movies about that horrendous time to remind me...everything is still very fresh in my memory and will remain so. I continue to be horrified, angry and saddened. For weeks after 9th September 2001, I fell into depression...I don't need to relive those moments.

It doesn't mean I have my head in the sand....this is certainly not the case.


  1. I'm with you Lee - I find it so hard to watch the endless repeats of horrors and tragedy.

    I am a firm believer that things happen when they are meant to - but I do sometimes wonder what quirk it is that puts hundred, sometimes thousands of people into the same place at the same time, when it is their time to go -

    I think Peter Brock was a one-off, and Steve Irwin - both will be sadly missed.

    Did you see Mr Beattie's acceptance speech? He is the consumate politician... let's see what happens this time...

  2. Yes...I watched the election results (I can't help myself...I always watch them) and saw Beattie's speech. I'm not a fan of his...I hope he stops talking, grinning and apologising and becomes active. There's no point promising the world during pre-election time and then promptly forgetting everything they've promised to fix once voted in. He's had his past terms in office to right the wrongs and not done so...he's got another three years' grace to put his actions where his mouth is...or he'll be booted out, hat an' all! ;)

    As the saying goes 'actions speak louder than words'. Let's get started on building a pipeline to bring much needed water down from the north to the parched south-east Queensland damns. There's no point building another dam that's not only going to take up productive, fertile land but will lay empty of water for who knows how long!

    See what you started, Della...sorry for my 'deluge'...;)

  3. I agree. I often feel that these tributes are just ratings grabbers and it makes me sick. Why can't people move on. Maybe it's easy for me to say that because I'm on the other side of the world and am somewhat insulated from it.

    And I'm still reeling from the tragedies of last week. Hopefully things will be brighter soon.

  4. The thing is, and I are not insulated from it, unfortunately.