Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Through the Tears...Smiles and Laughter.

Today I was reminded of how proud I am to be an Aussie. Steve Irwin's Memorial Service, telecasted throughout Australia and the world this morning, was a unique tribute to the life of a unique person. I cried, I laughed, I smiled and I sang along with John Williamson. Today, I'm digging out my copy of "True Blue" and I will be playing the cassette over and over. To witness little Bindi standing there so proudly and confidently speaking of her father softened the hardest and most cynical of hearts, I'm sure.

Steve Irwin's sudden death knocked the wind out of us all...I feel I can speak for others. The millions of tributes are testament. I know that I am still coming to terms with it. He was such a larger than life character, a character who entered all our lives...he not only made us smile but his conservation work brought an awareness to us all that in lots of cases was missing. Thank you, Steve for your passion, your honesty and 'realness'...thank you for sharing your zest for life with us all. We miss you.

painting by Lee


  1. Lee... I so love your painting, this is my bush, where I grew up and spent my childhood - all in one little picture.
    thank you.

  2. You are most welcome, Della. The scan didn't really do justice to the painting (lighting-wise) and the canvas was a little big for the scanner, but I do have this painting hanging on my wall and it kind personifies the Aussie bush.

  3. "...it kind personifies the Aussie bush."

    My dirty American mind is trying to MAKE me comment on this.

    Luckily, my will power is able to withstand the temptation, barely.

  4. Keep your wicked, most evil, below-the-belt comments to yourself, Don! ;)

    Your will power amazes me!

    And I note I made a typo...which you helped point out, whether intentionally or unintentionally", too! ;)