Sunday, September 03, 2006

What's On My Bedside Table...

I won't list everything because the list is too long! But I do have about a dozen or more books lined up in order to be read. Presently, I'm reading Jane Fonda's "My Life So Far" and would, without fear, suggest it to anyone to read. I'm on the final few chapters. This is not a 'light-weight' autobiography by a celebrity. It's a very indepth, personal, interesting, informative, emotive story and one I'm finding very difficult to put down. There is much in this story with which I empathise. I find myself drawing parallels with my own relationships with family members, past husbands, lovers and others.

To make an honest appraisal of one's life, actions, innermost feelings is difficult. Fonda's story, so far, has made me delve into my most deepest secrets of myself and my feelings of who I am and how I've come to this point in my life. A long path from the beginning, molded not only by me but by others and outside forces, sometimes...often even...beyond my control. Unanswered questions, which now will never be answered. truly is a tapestry of many different patterns...winding paths...many that lead to dead ends...riddled with crossroads where decisions are made...unable to be reversed.


  1. Sorry. Fonda is a traitor. I won't read her book, as some pennies from its publishing would then make it to the b*tch's pockets.

    Hell doesn't have a circle for the likes of her.

  2. I'm sorry you feel that way about her still...her book does explain a lot and is worth the read...that's in my humble opinion.