Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What Next?

Now some 'clowns' (pun intended) are challenging the movie rating of "Finding Nemo", saying it's too scary and violent for young children!

I watched "Finding Nemo" the other day for the first time with a continuous smile upon my face. I loved it! It was good to feel like a child again at a Saturday afternoon matinee at the 'picture' theatre! What wonderful fun it was, both the movie and the trip back to the future!

Who are these people who come up with these proposed restrictions? Haven't they got anything better to do with their lives and time? Didn't they read fairy tales when they were children? Did they never sit out in the back yard or on a verandah in the dark of night, spinning ghost stories with their mates, scaring the proverbial out of each other, all the time knowing it was just fantasy and fun?

The 'politically-correct' police are way, way beyond control! It's time for a revolution!

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