Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Poem For Today...

Today I've been playing music. I dug through a couple of cartons of cassettes. I forgot just how much great music I have, ranging from Deep Purple to Rachmaninoff...from Creedence to Bowie...Williamson to Yothu Yindi...Rodney Crowell/Ricky Van Shelton to Queen...lots and lots more...too many to mention...all chenre...except rap and hip/hop. And that's not even going into my CDs and LPs!

Because of the mood I'm in...I thought to hell with it and opened up what has turned out to be a very good bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon...one I purchased through a Farmer's Brother's deal....and penned a poem, one I'd like to share with you. Give me a little allowance...it only took me a few moments.

Not Me....

Someone is crying perhaps it's me
Every ounce of my love I gave to you
In haste all you could do was flee
Sadly you must know this to be true

I thought I heard your name today
Echoed softly through murmuring trees
My heart asked why you didn't stay
One day I pray you'll tell me please

Not the sun nor the summer breezes
Soothe the hurt of a crime of passion
I hurt I cry when the moment seizes
I'm not to blame my love I can't ration

Poem by Lee

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