Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Yarn In 'Strine'....

I just blew in from the back of Bourke...you know, out west of Bullamakanka...way out the back of beyond. And strewth! I got a bit stroppy! Who should I run into first off, none other than the town bloody bike! She was looking a bit aggro with her couple of ankle biters she had with her. Seems she didn't have a brass razoo to rub together and the biters were screaming for some lollies. She told them to cop it sweet or bugger off! I think she's a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock, to be honest with you. I told her to turn it up and get her arse into gear. The kids were only being kids. She settled in for a bit of a chinwag but I was feeling a bit crook and wasn't up for an ear-bashing.

I've been flat out like a lizard drinking lately and feeling like a bit of a fruit cake. Thought I was going to cark it there for a while. I came a gutsa in the back yard and I got a gympy leg out of it. I might settle for a hair of the dog and get as full as a boot, I think! I'm on Shank's pony, so she'll be right. The booze bus won't have a Buckley's chance with me!

So, I told the sheila I'd choof off as I wanted to be on my Pat Malone while I went for a Bo-peep at the drongo down the road...he's a few tinnies short of a slab, as well. She waffled on a bit and started to get up my nose when she threw a wobbly. Anyhow mate, she'll be apples, I reckon. I blew through. She's too much of a wombat for me.

Strike me lucky! I think I might go and grab a couple of ambers before I go and catch a few yabbies later. Better than watching aerial ping-pong any day! I went bush-bashing the other day. You should give it a burl sometime or other.

Well, see yewse all...I'm going to put the billy on before I kick the bucket. The tide's gone out.

Thanks for listening to my yarn.

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