Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sound Of One Hand Clapping!

A story in today's 'Australian' grabbed my attention.

Where are the so-called 'civil libertarians'...not a sound from them over this story...but then, they are not interested when the police haven't fired a gun in self-defence!

An armed psychiatric patient fired a nail gun at police, holding them at bay for six hours.

The man badly damaged two police cars and also threw a gas cylinder into a camp fire. Nails are embedded in both cars. After six hours police captured and subdued the man with capsicum spray and bean bag rounds fired from a special gun.

Can't you just imagine the uproar from the 'civil libertarian' quarters if the police had shot this crazy? The police put their lives on the line frequently. Rarely do they get commended but too often are berated and criticised.

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