Saturday, September 23, 2006

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Go the Broncos! Sunday night, 1st October...the grand final of Rugby League...between qualifiers the Brisbane Broncos and the Melbourne Storm! What a game it promises to be! More than half of the Melbourne Storm are Queenslanders, anyway! So, really it will be Queensland against Queensland...but...Go the mighty Broncos! I'll be a nervous wreck sitting on the end of my seat...screaming my lungs out...scaring the wits out of the cats! Oh! Well! They're kind of used to me by now!


  1. That's sorta like a sport, only different, right? :)

  2. Hahahahaha! Funny! ;)

    It's much better than that stuff you were watching last night where they kick a round ball back and forth...that's for sure!

    On a more serious should be a terrific game. If you hear any screaming up your way next Sunday'll know it's me! I just had a thought...Debbie should still be here...I hope she like rugby league as that's what's on the agenda that evening! I might have to get myself a bottle of rum or scotch especially for the game! Go the Broncos! ;)

  3. I hope the UN Peacekeepers and Amnesty International like it, too.

    They should be there as soon as they clear up the Darfur thing.

  4. I'm incognito today...dressed in camouflage...they'll never find me! Doors are locked. I buried the car. If anyone knocks on my door, I shan't answer it! If they look through my windows, I'll pretend I'm lampshade!

    I'm not seeing or talking to anyone, so they'll have to come back tomorrow! ;)

  5. Another Broncos Nut! I have a few in my family, including me! Lol. We're all patriotic QUEENSLANDER!s, aren't we?

    Should be a good game though. What's that ad Shane Webcke does? See what the storm did to my car? I hate those Melbourne players!

  6. That's a good ad, Robyn. I bet they'll be playing it to the bitter end throughout this coming week. ;) He's such a nice guy, Webcke...he will be missed. It'll be a big game and night for him next Sunday, that's for sure. He's a gentle giant, isn't he? (And a pretty intelligent one, too, from what I've read about him).

    I've been a Broncos' supporter for years now. So glad to see them in the grand final.

    You betcha! I'm most definitely a patriotic Queenslander! lol Particularly when it comes to 'State of Origin' matches, as well! ;)

  7. After living up in the 'tropics' for 13 years, I'm a bit of a fan of the "Cowboys", as well. I was living in North Queensland when their were formed. The North go crazy over them. Little Mattie Singh is going to be missed, too. 'State of Origin' this year just did not seem the same without him in the Qld side. He's a State of Origin my mind, anyway.