Friday, September 08, 2006

Saturday...Lovely Saturday...

After such a shitty week that it was, I decided today, ' State Election Day', I would blow the blues away and enjoy the day! What a glorious day it has been. Clear blue sky...perfect spring weather up here on the mountain.

I went to vote pretty early and then called in briefly to see some friends...which was pleasant. They were happy to see me. Rarely do I call on people unannounced. After that interlude, I did a quick trip to the supermarket wherein I ran into one of my neighbours whom I've not seen for months! That's the kind of area in which I live, and, I guess, the way I conduct my life. Shortly thereafter, a knock sounded on my door and there was said neighbour. Inviting her in, we shared a pot of coffee, a nice conversation and she presented me with a CD her brother-in-law had given her. The brother-in-law runs a country music programme on Tamworth radio, which is broadcasted nationwide...Nick Erby. The CD is country music ( which I love and she doesn't).

Shortly thereafter, my landlord appeared looking sorrowful on my doorstep, because a couple of hours earlier he'd taken his 14 year old cat to the vet to be put down. He knows how much I love my cats and his...but the bright light was, while there he adopted a little kitten at the Cat Refuge. A small life saved. Eagerly, I went up to their home to make friends with the new addition to the family. Little "Polly" is a sweet, cute little girl. I love cats...and kittens are so special.

Then my family of birds descended on me...the magpies wandered inside with pleading looks in their eyes so, like the big sook that I am, I cut up some meat for them...immediately the kookaburras arrived. The maggies are nesting at the moment and have young mouths to feed. It's all wonderful! Remy, my male cat, curled up under the tree outside, just laid there looking at them, probably thinking I was giving away all his and his sister's food!

During all of this, I decided I'm going to throw a luncheon party in November....the 11th to be precise...I know it's early days...but I sent out invitations via email...people have busy social calendars ( I don't...but they do!), being one who likes to be organised and prepared...I plan in advance...out went the invitations. I'll probably have about sixteen people here (if I learn to shut my mouth and not invite any more!)...tables set out under the trees, weather permitting...already, I've planned the menu...mostly of Italian-leaning. It will change slightly over the weeks ahead...but I'm on line! I keep telling myself I will never do this again...but I do! I only have myself to blame! However, it will be fun as we graze around a table laden with good food and wine...lots of laughter, conversation and good cheer. I'll forget about the cleaning up! That's a mere bagatelle! One is dead a long time!

Nice people will be in attendance...but there is one I wish could attend, however, it is impossible for him to do so! That's life...and life sometimes comes between the good things in life! One learns to grin and bear it! Onwards and the saying goes!

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  1. I wonder why you chose that particular date.... ;)