Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Poem...For Fun....

in silence

heed my plea...am I not here
sometimes you are beside me
'though you are never near
from you I know I cannot flee

my words get lost along the way
you do not hear I heard you say
is this forever to be my plight
my heart and I have a right

serenely controlled you sit at rest
slender hand upon your breast
willing me to comfort only you
lingering heartache I endure

if not for you I would rarely cry
with no strength to say goodbye
over you forever I shall lament
angrily oft times this I do resent

I reach out but you are not there
so now to you I loudly declare
if for me you no longer care
it is much more than I can bear

your heart is I know not where
there is much you and I can share
tonight I shall say a lonely prayer
And in saying this at you I do glare!

by Lee

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