Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Friend In Need...A Friend In Time...

A very good friend of mine has flown to the Middle East on work commitments. I know I will relax only when I know he's back home again, safe and sound, in about a month's time.

My grandmother used to always say 'don't worry...worry doesn't get you anywhere', but sometimes I find it difficult to follow her advice and I do worry. But, to make it a little better I'll call it 'concern' and 'care'. I think he knows he will be in my thoughts.

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  1. I was always told by a teacher, "there's no point panicking until you're in the headmaster's office about to get the cane." I try to live by that but I agree with you; sometimes that's tough. And I'd rather worry for nothing than take it easy and have a disasterous outcome.

    Gosh, I do ramble, don't I? Thanks for your comments about GG and her comments. I hear she's not alone - but everyone who agrees with her is smart enough to keep their mouths shut!!