Sunday, September 17, 2006

Spring Frolic....

Birds twitter dancing from branch to branch on high
Blossom to honey-scented blossom butterflies flutter
A gentle spring breeze wafts as it were a lover's sigh
Foaming cumulus favour the horizon like a comforter

Seasons change while in silence I long for your embrace
The warmth of the day reminds me of your magic touch
Memories of moments shared with you I cannot erase
Your luminous presence remains with me oh so much

Painting and verse by Lee


  1. Lee, you are so clever. Love both the poem and the painting. What a creative spirit you are!

  2. Ha...thanks, Robyn...I just play around for my own enjoyment. The painting was a series of four 'fun' ones I did of cats eighteen months or so ago. The poem I just whipped up quickly on the spot the other day when doing the posting.

    I don't have a scanner at the moment...mine died on I'm rapidly running out of paintings to post and most of the ones I've done of late are too big to scan anyway. I don't have a digital camera so that rules that method out!

    I'm in a bit of a spot at the moment. A friend of mine has his eye on two of my paintings and wants both of them. I've been a bit 'hedgy' as I really don't want to part with them. I gave him one late last year which I like. He had it framed and it's hanging in his home. Now he wants to buy these other two off me...I can't sell them to just doesn't seem right as he and his wife are good friends. So, I'm between a rock and a hard place over them at the moment. It's hard parting with paintings...well, for me it I did about three years ago I was going to give to my nephew as a wedding present but when I had it framed, I couldn't part with it! lol Yep...I know...I'm crazy!

    Thanks for your kind comment. :)