Friday, September 15, 2006

Where Are Your Promises now, Mr Beattie?

We all know by now that Beattie and his cowboys are back in power. However, Beattie is still waffling on about how they are ready for action, no time for celebrations. There's work to be done! Well, we all know that...we knew it before the election and don't have to be constantly reminded of it. What we want to see is actions, not listen to words that mean nothing!

Disturbing news hit yesterday with the proposed closing of the KR Castlemaine plant in Toowoomba early next year. The loss of about 350 jobs in Toowoomba is going to affect that city greatly.

What do you propose to do about that, Mr Beattie...other than 'urge the company to reconsider the move'?

We are losing industry in the south-east corner hand over fist and yet more people are flooding into this area weekly.

Get your act together Labor! Stop sprouting and start doing!


  1. Labour doesn't do anything EXCEPT talk, Lee. Didn't you know that? Well, talk and accuse, really, but you get the point.

  2. I fail to understand, though, how they're able to pat themselves on the back for work not done!

    I guess if south-east Queensland receives a decent wet season this summer, they'll even congratulate themselves on that as well!

    It was no surprise Labor got back in, in Queensland as the Coalition party just wasn't strong enough. They've got the next three years to get their act together or they'll be out in the political wilderness once again! I really don't understand what their problem is and why they can't get strong leaders (Liberal and National Pary are the Coalition here in Aus). Poor Bruce Flegg took over as Liberal leader with not even a script to guide him. Unfairly her was thrown into the middle of the pool. He floundered around like a fish out of water. I don't entirely blame him for his naivety...I blame his 'spin doctors' for his poor performance out in the field. He only had about a week to get used to wearing his 'leadership cap'...and being able to deal proficiently with the media takes longer than that. Beattie, we know, is a polished media performer...and he's had years to hone his act. That at least one thing Beattie succeeds at...being a 'Media Tart'!

    The coalition parties are going to have to work hard to get back their credibility. They have no time to waste. The resignation of Lawrence Springborg as leader of the Nationals might spur them along but I have no idea what the Libs are going to do to fix their problems. They've got to get out there and lift their game. Start looking into their younger ranks for strong members. When tv sports reporters can oust sitting members, something is drastically wrong!