Saturday, September 09, 2006

Spreading the Good Word...

I'm a big fan of Jamie Oliver. His enthusiasm, naturalness, uniqueness and, of course, his cooking ability are inspirational. At the still tender age of 31 years, he has achieved so much. He's launched another 'School Dinners' show, tackling the problem of overweight children and the rubbish they are being served at school canteens. He's only touched the tip of the iceberg in making improvements to school meals. I watched his first show on this subject and, if I wore a hat, I'd take it off to him for his painstaking, oft times frustrating efforts to turn-around the eating habits of the young children, the cooks in the canteens (some of whom refused to bend and therefore quit their jobs, and some of whom were absolutely clueless about how to cook!) and the parents of the children who were equally clueless. Oliver persevered. He succeeded, albeit a small step in the right direction, but he made the government stand up and take, he's back to press harder...let's hope further progress and awareness comes from his good work. One would hope he gets help and backing from parents who should be concerned about what their children are eating and are prepared to assist him in his endeavours.

He's coming to Australia very shortly to start a "Fifteen" restaurant here in Melbourne....a first in Australia. His overseas' "Fifteen" restaurants are a huge success. Jamie takes in unemployed kids who think they have no future and trains them, not only in the art of cooking and all that goes with it, but in having respect for themselves...learning how to face their lives and their futures with hope, dignity and the will to 'do'.

Welcome to Australia, Jamie Oliver!

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