Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And They're Off!

I'm getting in early...but...we are in the midst of our Spring Racing Carnival, anyway! Melbourne Cup Day is just around the corner...less than a week away now! It's one of my favourite days of the year. I don't attend 'Melbourne Cup Luncheons'...or parties, having had enough of those when I organised, catered for and waited on many while working in the hospitality industry. I do, however, celebrate the day...in my own style. My television is set on the race channel from early morning. Champagne chills, waiting in my fridge alongside fresh prawns and other tasty goodies. I race (no pun intended) down to the TAB at St Bernard's Hotel first thing in the morning. The past couple of years I've been the first there and the first to lay bets. The pub is not very far from where I live, about 2kms. I get in and out before the boisterous, madding crowds arrive, back to the sanctuary, though not sanity, of my haven!

I wrote a poem last night...I fiddled with it more this morning...in dedication to our exciting first Tuesday in November...Melbourne Cup Day. My drawing of the horse I did last year. I hope you enjoy both!

Melbourne Cup Day

Every hat possible is visible and on show our iconic Akubra
Fashions on the field glasses of amber nectar flow freely
What a very special event it is there is even a candelabra
Over in the Emirate's grand white marquee it suits ideally

Punters from far and wide have headed to the 'Big Smoke'
Fair Dinkum mate it is Australia's most famous horse race
Quite a few will win heaps while others will go home broke
The whole country remains glued as the horses begin the chase

That smiling bloke over there his pockets are full of dollars
Having placed a monstrous bet on the nose of the race winner
He chats up a pretty blonde while across to his mate he hollers
Broad smile on his face she has accepted his invitation to dinner

Here in the 'Lucky Country' once again it is Melbourne Cup Day
So settle yourself into a handy pozzie and grab your binoculars
Roan geldings sleek chestnuts black stallions and there is a grey
Some first-timers at a big meet and yet many others are regulars

On the first Tuesday in November everyone's attention is drawn
To the battle on the racetrack in awe of the high-spirited crowd
Some arriving early morning whilst others at the crack of dawn
Contagious goodwill undeterred by the appearance of a sole cloud
Drawing and poem by Lee


  1. Another beautiful drawing. My daughter loves drawing horses and I have spent the past few weeks showing her their structure and form. Thanks for the links btw. I draw for myself and also don't like the group thing (classes etc). I am self taught and although I yearn for the ability to draw a masterpiece the fulfilling part is the 'doing'. I have never been an 'oils' person as they take too long to dry LOL...but I may give the acrylics a go tx :)

  2. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Hi Lee, the horse is very lifelike and good, you have talent but how are you on picking winners?

  3. Same with me, Scorpy. I'm self-taugh. It must be a 'Scorpio-thing' not liking groups etc.

    You will enjoy acrylics, I'm sure. They don't take long to dry at all...and you can make them look like oils, just by painting with thicker strokes...more paint and less water on your brushes. You can play around a lot with acrylics...they are fun to use. I like using them anyway...if that helps! ;)

    Peter...I picked first and second in last year's Cup...mostly Melbourne Cup is pretty lucky for me! :) Maybe I've spoken too soon this year!

    Thanks for your comments Scorpy and Peter...I'm glad you like the horse. I have the drawing framed and hanging on one of my walls.

  4. That's a different slant on getting a horse in the Melbourne Cup draw!

  5. Anonymous3:30 AM

    Gidday Lee, Yep the Tower Mill Restaurant is still there. A rooftop licensed restaurant & bar is open for breakfast (7 days) and dinner (Monday - Friday) altho' I haven't been there for years with so many good restaurants now in the suburbs.
    I usually run Melb Cup sweeps every year at work. Not a race follower altho' each year I read thru' the field and usually pick half the field with either a win, or a place or a win & a place on (almost close your eyes and point at a name in the paper) at whatever "grabs my fancy".
    Usually what I pay out on $1.00 bets (last of the big time spenders) I often at least get my money back, so all is not lost.
    Lee, did you have a look at my post on my sister called "My sister, Denise, the Artist" I wrote on 11/8/06, which you may find of interest.

  6. Hi Lee. (No, I'm not talking to myself...though I must be honest, I do often talk to myself...and yes...I do answer myself!)

    Thanks for popping in, Lee...nice to see you. Don't be a stranger. I enjoyed your pun, by the way! :)

    Fancy the old Tower Mill Restaurant still ticking along! It sure has had a good innings. Thanks for that info, Wazza.

    I read your post on Denise with great interest. You are understandably very proud of her and I can see why. She and her work warrant your acclaim. Denise followed her dream...I admire anyone who is brave enough, committed and 'one-eyed' enough to do so. To have one's work accepted and displayed in so many high profile and acclaimed galleries, art museums and public collections would be beyond anyone's wildest dreams. These are testament of the quality of her work. She has worked hard at her art. Her love for it is obvious and she has been duly rewarded. Great story...thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Lee, Poem and drawing both excellent, a bit more midnight oil...?

    My daughter has a real talent for drawing, I have totally none - I always wished she would do something with it, sadly not - but I guess there is still time.

  8. Your daughter will know when the time is right...probably at the moment she is so busy with everything else going on in her life, Della...but keep urging her to take it up again...it's not only good for relaxation but it really will get her creative juices flowing. :)

    If you want to push her along a bit and if she has a computer and is on the Net...tell her to have a look at www.wetcanvas.com This is a most wonderful site covering all aspects of art (including methods and tools et al). This is the site I suggested to 'scorpy' on his blog-site. There are some really good artists in there, and there are some so-so artists in there...there are beginners...you name it, they are all there...and very helpful. She doesn't have to join into the forums if she doesn't wish to do so, but she will learn a lot just from regular visits to whatever forum or section of the site she feels herself drawn to. There is so much to learn from WetCanvas.

    No...no midnight oil on that bit of verse! lol It was just a 'quickie'..for a bit of fun.

    Thanks for your comments, Della.

  9. Lee,

    That is excellent artwork. You know I am not one for idle flattery, either. I would not say it if I did not really mean it.

    I couldn't draw flies if I fell into a cesspool. (That would be an open air septic tank, for you Ozzies who like to jab us Yanks.)

    Well done, once again. I'm glad to see that you're getting quite a few hits to your blog. You deserve the exposure, with all of your talents.

  10. Don, thank you...

    I loved your analogy, by the way!
    Though, I'm trying hard to remove the picture from my mind! ;)