Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How Dare He! Send Him Back To Where He Came From!

I'm seething! I'm not sure if I'll be able to type this as I'm shaking with anger! I need to vent!

Sydney-based Muslim cleric, Taj Din al-Hilali has no right to open his mouth, spewing out words of judgement against women...Australian women. He has no right living in this country either! Send him back to where he came from...if he doesn't like the way we dress, that's his problem. I didn't invite him here, did you?

This so-called cleric (who makes these clowns clerics, anyway...are they self-appointed?) blames immodestly dressed women who don't wear Islamic headdress for being preyed on by men. He likened them (the women) to 'abandoned meat' that attracts voracious animals.

He goes on further with his stupid nonsense..."women were weapons used by Satan to control men. It is said in the state of zina (adultery), the responsibility falls 90 per cent of the time on the woman. Why? Because she possesses the weapon of enticement (igraa)."

So men are animals incapable of controlling their actions in his belief. I wonder if he includes himself in this evaluation?

He didn't specifically refer to the vicious rapes and brutal attacks on four young women in Sydney by a group of young Lebanese 'animals' (remember 'animal' is al-Hilali's description) who received long jail sentences, but it was clear to whom he referred.

He said, "young women who sway suggestively, wore make-up and immodest dress...but the problem, the problem began with who?" (His grammar needs attention, too!) And he continued, "and then you get a judge without mercy (rhama) and gives you 65 years. The uncovered meat is the problem."

He doesn't hold men in high esteem, least, that's how it appears to me....the poor, weak, easily-led creatures, or perhaps he was just referring to himself! (Please, allow me to enjoy my sarcasm!)

A word of advice, al-Hilali...go to your nearest travel yourself a one-way ticket back to wherever you come and your idiotic attitudes are not wanted here!


  1. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Well said Lee, VERY well said, I spent a bit of time in your archives yesterday and I must admit I found a few things that I didn't altogether agree with, but this sure as hell wasn't one of them.
    We don't have to agree with each and every idea that another puts forward and yet we can still be in sync to a large degree I think.

  2. Of course, Peter...each of us is an individual and we have our own ideas and philosophy on different matters.

    The diversity of ideas is half the fun, I guess. If we all thought the same way, it would be pretty boring! ;)

    What's happening up that way about the Traveston Dam proposal...that's one situation I'm against. ;)

    I'm an 'old Gympie gal'...grew up there, schooled there and worked in Gympie for the first five years of my working life. I then returned to Gympie in 1998 where I worked for the following four years before moving to here. I was the chef at Gunabul out over on the southside for those four years, and I lived in Parsons door to Biddy and John may have known them. John passed away about twelve months before I left Gympie and Biddy has since sold their home and has relocated to Hervey Bay. They were wonderful neighbours.

  3. By the way, thanks for your comments...much appreciated. :)

  4. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Hello Lee ~ I have popped over from Della's blog and tried to leave comments this morning, but could not. Now I see my brother has been here too. I was absolutely disgusted at that cleric describing women as abandoned meat. How dare he, and even men are animals is bad enough. I hope they deport him, but I wouldn't bet on it. I agree with what you said about drought - it is awful here. AND I heard about our
    Vegemite being illegal in the US.
    They don't eat it, but any ex pats will miss it. Crazy world we live in.Take care Lee, Merle.

  5. Thanks, Merle for popping by and reading my blog...nice to see you. :)

    No...of course he won't be banned from this country...but he should be!

    I didn't know Peter is your brother. :)

  6. Hello, just a test. Some of your LST fans write they can't reach your site.

    For my two cents on the subject, any culture bent on suppressing women will never progress. Without women to push us on or lead when they must, the developement of civilization would have ceased and remain at the level with the invention of beer.

  7. Hello, just a test. Some of your LST fans write they can't reach your site.

    For my two cents on the subject, any culture bent on suppressing women will never progress. Without women to push us on or lead when they must, the developement of civilization would have ceased and remain at the level with the invention of beer.

  8. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Small world Lee, first that my sister Merle tuned up on the post I'd commented on, then on your Gympie background I spent 3 years at Tin Can Bay and the last 9 here at Gympie, after my second (and last) divorce, only dined once at Gunabal a country music artist Tracy Coster was appearing there, dunno if you cooked it but the food was excellent, I'd guess that would have been 6 or 7 years ago.
    Gunabal has been redeveloped now, new restaurant and golf clubhouse near the road.
    I know of John and Biddy but didn't know them personally.
    One of the things I didn't necasserally agree with you on was Traveston Dam, IF and I stress IF it helps solve the terrible water situation the country has I think it is worthwhile, I posted on this on August 8th.
    My current thinking is that if the Dam goes ahead it may never fill, there has hardly been a rise in the Mary River since the 1999 flood, and one has only to look around at the drying Dams elsewhere to see this possibility.
    BTW my email is at the top of my sidebar if you want to debate this issue.

  9. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Hi Lee, after a busy week, I've posted then poured myself a glass of wine and set out to catch up on everyone's posts.

    Yours, as always, interesting and thought provoking. As for that so-called cleric al-Hilali - what a creep! But it's not the first time one of these Mullahs has opened their big mouths about Australian women. If they don't like what they see - go home. I, for one, don't intend to live under Sharia law and as they have come to take advantage of all that Australia can offer - then, when in Rome, etc. etc. After all, we have obey the law in Muslim countries, dress correctly and fit it as much as we can, being westerners.

    Talk about double standards!

    Hope all is well on Mt Tamborine and you didn't have the bushfires too close to you the other day.

    Take care

    Robyn :-)

  10. Thanks,gtotracker...I'm glad you were able to find me...finally. I think blogspot was having big problems yesterday...even I couldn't get on to it! al-Hilali is an idiot. He and his kind are not wanted in this country!

    Peter...yes...I was there the night of Tracy Coster...and I was the "cook"...glad you enjoyed the food. Actually, I was the one who organised for Tracy to come and perform that night. I've got a pic of her and I together.

    I am still against the is going to lay dormant for years...and good people have had to and will have to give up their land. I just think it's in the wrong place if they go ahead with it.

    Hiya Robyn...thanks for stopping by! All is well here where I am but I went down to the coast today with friends to have lunch at the casino and there are a few fires burning on the hillsides...mostly I think, backburning. But the smoke still lies heavily in the air.

    There is no way I will abide by the rules of the Islamic ways. I'll go down fighting if it ever came to that. They want live in this the way we do. I wore bikinis all the time when I was younger and if I still had that body I had then, I would defy them...with a big smile on my face! ;)

  11. This nasty cleric is just another buffoon-man who has no clue what causes rape. Like other such babboons, he believes rape is a crime of desire. It is, but it's not a crime of *sexual* desire. It's a crime of desire for power over someone, some*thing* that can be dominated.

    I mean to write about this one of these days, because I must confess to having a bit of a 'blame the victim' mentality about some crimes -- sometimes including rape. [I mean, some women do make stupid decision that result in placing themselves in danger of being victimized. That's not to excuse the criminal, but simply to say that all of us are responsible for our own decisions and actions.]

    On the other hand, you occasionally hear about rapes of, say, nuns (in ooh-la-la sexy) black habits and octegenarians in (oh-la-la sexy) ill-fitting housedresses and fuzzy slippers. They do not flaunt their sexuality, go home with handsome strangers, or take random pills/drugs/drinks while at a party and later complain that something bad happened. They are just helpless and in the wrong place when some jerk decides he needs to have a power trip.

    I don't think wearing full-body coverings would save anybody from this type of animal. It's going to catch its prey whether it's locked in a freezer or sitting on the front sidewalk.

  12. Well said and so true needs a lot of education and needs to get out of his protected, narrow, little world. His comments have caused an angry uproar, and rightly so.

    I wonder what his thoughts are on when a guy gets raped? They would be interesting to hear! Perhaps someone should ask him!