Saturday, October 07, 2006

Rising Nostalgia...Awakening Desires....

It's okay...don't get too worked up or's just me drifting off into my regular dream/fantasy world!

In today's paper (Sunday) there's a review of 'Giardinetto's Restaurant' in Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Wow! I didn't realise it was still going strong! I know Gino and his wife (Gino Fiorini, the original chef/owner) opened up another Italian eatery at Hamilton a number of years ago by the name of "Fiorini's" if my memory is correct but I imagined with all the changes that have occurred in the 'Valley' throughout the last few years, 'Giardinetto's' would have been long gone. I'm glad to learn that it hasn't disappeared into 'restaurant heaven'....or 'limbo'!

I have had some great, fun, lunches and dinners at 'Giardinetto's' was the 'in' place to frequent...all the journos, advertising, radio/TV people, including me (I was working in the fashion industry at the time) regularly wined and dined there. Good times were had shared with fun, interesting people. Reading the article today caused me to reflect back over that particular time in my life and, in a small way, just a teeny-weeny way, I miss that kind of fun. I seem to be missing a lot of 'madness' in my life at the moment...and I enjoy 'madness'. I've been 'mad' a lot of times in my life and it's about time I got 'mad' again! It was an interesting crew of people I hung around with in those days. I wonder where they all are now! We used to party a lot...barely a Saturday night passed without a 'bash' going on at someone's place...great parties with intelligent, yet insane folk...conversations were always such fun...the music was an eclectic mix ranging from jazz, blues, classics to rock. Yes...they are people and times worth remembering. There was always an array of various spirits, mixes, beer and wine there...but nobody got stupidly drunk...and drugs weren't part of the equation. I guess by today's standards, we were naive...innocent in lots of ways...but we did know how to enjoy ourselves! I cherish the memories and am glad I had those wonderful times. It would be nice to have similar again!

However, that is past and this is now! Maybe I should take myself off to 'Brunelli's' again for lunch today and dream!

I would, except I'm broke...and Bathurst Mount Panorama is on!

I've still got some pizza left over from the one I made for myself yesterday...and I've got a bottle of re-corked red on the kitchen bench...somewhere hidden away, I must have a red and white-checked gingham tablecloth...I've got white I'm quarter way there...and I don't have to leave home!


  1. Anonymous12:48 AM

    Sounds like your "younger years" were similar to mine! Great time, wasn't it? None of the crap that goes on in the world today.

    Beta blog is a new you-beaut update of the original (or so they say!). Being the curious cat that I am, I thought I'd check it out, liked what I saw, but didn't go through it with a fine tooth comb and lost all my links. So now I have to go back into everyone's blog, get their blogsite and manually replace it. Not happy, Jan!!

    Not into the Mt Panorama stuff myself, too much testosterone for me! But each to their own and good luck to all the drivers.

  2. Craig Lowndes won...and I was cheering for him. Brockie was his mentor, so it was a pretty emotional day for him.

    I think I'll wait for a while with Beta blog...knowing me I'll probably lose everything!

    Yep...those certainly great times...not enough of them around these days...people take themselves too seriously! ;)

  3. Hi Lee, very strange to see, Ford winning the inaugural Peter Brock Cup, given Brock's history with Holden... but very fitting that it was Lowndes. Did you hear the news tonight? One of the other drivers who crashed during the week has died. How sad.

    I got to dine and dance and party on my 60th birthday. The kids asked me what I wanted to do, and I said 'go dancing', so that's what we did. We went to Twin Towns and did Rock and Roll and my sister tried to teach me her jive steps. hmmm...

  4. Happy Birthday, Della...sounds like you had a great time! :)

    No...I didn't hear about the death of that sad! It's been a very emotional weekend...for all those involved in the meet.